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I can’t believe we are a full two months into the new year!  I’m so looking forward to springing forward, warmer temps, and lots of sunshine!  At the end of January I shared a recap on how my month went and how I was doing on meeting my January 2018 goals.  Today I wanted to do the same for February!


In February I attended 9 SoulCycle classes, one less than January, but since February is a short month, I’m not too bummed about that number.  A few of you have messaged me or commented here on the blog that me sharing my “check-ins” at SoulCycle on Instagram Stories and including my rides in my Week In Review posts here on Fridays have helped to motivate you to get moving too so cheers to that!  I’ve definitely become addicted to the Soul classes and missed them while I was traveling this month.  In March, I’m aiming to ride in at least 10 classes.

1/2 Marathon

Michael and I are SO close to completing the half-marathon that we’ve been training for since January.  We completed a 9-mile run this past weekend.  We have one more long run this weekend (which we’re running in New Orleans – hooray for warm running weather!) before the race.  We’re running in the DC Rock N Roll race on March 10th here in the city!  You can check out my tips on training for a half-marathon in this post!

No Gel Manicures

This was a January goal that actually carried its way through most of February.  I’ve been working on strengthening my nails back up after getting one too many gel manicures around the holidays.  This collagen protein that I put in my coffee every morning seems to help!  I broke my gel hiatus this past weekend.  Michael and I are heading to New Orleans this weekend for a wedding, and I didn’t want to hassle with painting my nails myself.  I definitely don’t plan on getting into the habit of having gel manicures done back to back like I was doing towards the end of last year, but it sure is nice to have them done for now!


I didn’t hit my February goal of attending meditation once a week.  I only attended two meditation classes this month, but I did attend my first hour long session (most classes at Take Five are 30 minutes).  The hour long session was so wonderful.  I’ll definitely be partaking in that class again soon!  I’m aiming to make at least two meditation classes in March.  I find that the classes are really, really helpful for me in weeks where I’m feeling overwhelmed or just in a rut, which makes total sense.

No Meat for Lent

A new one for February & March!  Michael and I gave up meat for lent.  This includes everything you’d think … beef, chicken, turkey and pork.  We’re still keeping seafood around.  So far, so good!  I’ve been temped a couple of times, but I think the key has been to not put ourselves in positions that would make it more difficult, i.e., not going to restaurants where there’s no non-meat alternative.


I mentioned this in my January recap so I figured I’d include it here too just as a good reminder.  I managed to stay on top of my schedule again in February!  My calendar was out of control towards the end of the year, which I think is pretty normal for the holidays, but I felt exhausted by the time Christmas rolled around.  I’ve been pretty good at using the Is It a Hell Yeah?! strategy to stay in control of my calendar.  With spring approaching, I know this is going to be tough to maintain since events and to-dos seem to pick up as the warmer weather starts to arrive, but I’m going to do my best to stay in control of my calendar this month!

Do you have any specific goals for March?!  Feel free to share in the comments below!  Let’s keep the hype of new year’s goals rolling!


  1. Molly wrote:

    I love reading these type of posts!! So impressed by how often you go to Soul Cycle. I’m hoping to get back into a workout regime if I can get my migraines under control and finish decorating my apartment!!


    Posted 2.28.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Thanks Molly! I was determined to get back into a workout routine this year (totally fell off towards the end of 2017). The migraines are definitely important – I hope you’re able to figure out something that works for you with controlling them, they sound awful! At least you have the decorating to distract you a bit. =)

      Posted 3.1.18

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