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The first quarter of 2018 is over, can you believe it?!  I feel really good about how the first three months of this year have gone.  Personally, professionally, with the blog, and with my contracts business … I feel like I’ve kept a really good handle on things since the start of the new year.  You can check out my January goals here, take a look at what was on my agenda in February here, and take a quick look back at what was on tap for March here!

Before I jump into my goals for April, I wanted to take a minute to look back at March.  I love sharing a few of my monthly goals with you because 1) it holds me accountable and 2) I hope in some way it inspires you to plan out your own goals for the month and stick to them too!

A big accomplishment in March was completing a half-marathon (you can read about the race here and here).  It was SO much fun!  If you ever have the opportunity to run in a Rock N Roll half-marathon or marathon, do it!  The energy was so amazing.  Another big thing I checked off of my list in March was completing an entire 40 days without eating meat.  Michael and I both gave up meat for lent this year.  It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but it was definitely something that I thought about every single night around dinner time, which I guess is the point of sacrificing something for lent, right?  We indulged in burgers at Le Diplomate for Easter brunch. 🙂

So here are a few things on tap for April …

No Sugar

So you may remember that I gave up alcohol in January, and then, as I just mentioned, I gave up meat for the majority of February and all of March.  Michael and I both agreed that it’s really interesting to see the effects that a certain food group has on our bodies, so for April, we’re giving it a go at cutting out sugar from the foods we eat.  With one exception … we’re heading to Italy for five days later this month, so we’re making exception for that trip.  Mainly because gelato.  😉

We went on a big grocery shopping trip this weekend, and to my surprise, a lot of the foods that we eat on the regular don’t have any sugar!  A few of our staples that we’ve had to cut out are granola, yogurt, bagels, and ice cream.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


I’m actually really proud that I’ve stuck with a consistent routine of attending SoulCycle classes at least three times a week since the beginning of the year.  And just last week, I decided to up my arm weights for class, and guess what, I survived!  For those of you that aren’t familiar with SoulCycle’s class setup, there’s a short section where you work out your arms with small dumbbells.  The arm portion involves small, repetitive movements.  I’ve always stuck with 3 lb weights, but bounced up to 5 lbs last week.

For April, I’m planning on sticking to my at-least-three-classes-per-week goal.  And I’m aiming to keep the higher arm weights going!

Weight Training

Since finishing up with the half-marathon in March, I feel like I have more time to incorporate another type of workout besides strictly SoulCycle.  I purchased this set of weights, and I’m planning on sticking to a three-times-per-week at-home weight routine.  I’m working on finding a few routines that I like right now (mainly focusing on my legs, booty, and arms), but I’ll be sure to share which routines I land on as soon as I figure that out!

Contracts Business Website Launch

For those of you that don’t know, I have another website where I run my Contracts for Creatives business.  I provide legal contract services for bloggers, photographers, small business owners, wedding planners, etc. along with other legal services for creatives.  I’ve been working with a developer/designer since January to redesign my entire Contracts for Creatives website, and it’s slated to officially re-launch by the end of April!

Outfit Details

This isn’t really a goal, but another thing I’m excited about for April is that we finally get to break out the spring wardrobe!  This is my fourth winter/spring in DC, and I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that it stays reallllly cold through March.  I think we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I snagged these Levi’s Wedgie Fit (yes, that’s the real name – also available here) jeans last week, and I can’t stop wearing them!  I love the high waist, the straight leg, the cropped cut, and the frayed hem – basically, I love everything about them!  Here I styled the Levi’s Wedgie jeans with my go-to belt from Madewell, a classic white button-up, and my favorite blush mules.

The jeans run true to size, and since they’re true denim, there’s not much stretch to them.  For sizing reference, I’m 5’4″ around 115lbs and I’m wearing a size 26.

Levi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style Blogger

Levi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style BloggerLevi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style BloggerLevi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style BloggerLevi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style BloggerLevi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style BloggerLevi's Wedgie | April Goals | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Style Blogger

Levi’s Wedgie Jeans (under $100) (also available here) | Madewell White Button-Down (wearing XS, this year’s version) | Madewell Belt | Splendid MulesVera Bradley Bag c/o | Quay Sunglasses | American Eagle Silk Scarf (similar) | Timex Watch c/o | Lacee Alexandra Rings c/o



  1. Sallye Ford wrote:

    Love your posts! Really looking forward to your suggestions on eating no sugar and weight exercises!

    Posted 4.2.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Thanks Sallye! I definitely noticed the no sugar today! I was noticeably more hungry and a little light-headed before lunch, which is scary that sugar has that big of an affect! I’m thinking about sharing some of the meals I have in a day while on the no sugar train! Will keep you posted!

      Posted 4.2.18
  2. I need ALL the posts on the no sugar. I don’t think I could imagine my life without any sugar;) Also, this look is SO classic!

    The Champagne Edit

    Posted 4.2.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      haha I thought the same! I definitely felt the no sugar on day 1, clearly I’m an addict! I was light headed between breakfast and lunch and STARVING all day! Breakfast foods (yogurt and bagels) and candy have been the hardest to give up. I’m a dessert queen too. Ugh. I’ll definitely be sharing more about cutting it out!

      Posted 4.3.18

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