My 10 Best Purchases on Amazon

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I always love reading other folks’ posts on their favorite Amazon purchases, and it got me thinking about my favorite purchases from one of my favorite online shops!  I’m not quite sure what I did before Amazon Prime existed.  Between Michael and I, we have at least one Amazon box delivered per week.  I buy everything from small appliances down to everyday toiletries from Amazon.  Not only does Amazon quite literally have almost anything I could ever need, the Prime 2-day shipping is hard to beat (way better than taking an hour out of my day to trek to the store!).

Without further ado, here are my 10 best purchases on Amazon!

10 Best Purchases on Amazon

Nespresso Virtuo Coffee & Espresso Machine //

I absolutely love my Nespresso machine!  I’ve had it for 2+ years now and I can’t live without it!  I have this specific model, which also comes with a milk frother too!  The frother is perfect to use to make lattes at home!

Dohm Sleep Machine //

Another thing I can’t live without, my sleep machine.  I’ve now purchased two of these from Amazon (I blew the first one up when I tried to plug it into a European outlet)!

Carry-On Clear Quart Bag //

I carry two of these clear quart bags with me every time I travel (one in my actual carry-on bag and the other in my purse/backpack).  I also can’t travel without these travel bottles – perfect for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides //

I put one scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my coffee every morning.  The Vital Proteins brand is much cheaper on Amazon as compared to other retailers where it is sold.

Marble Sports Bra //

My favorite sports bra!  It’s so cute, perfect for spin class, and it’s only $17!

Instax Mini Camera //

This is a recent Amazon buy for me, but I love it!  I used the camera at the beach this past weekend, and it was so much fun.  The photographs turned out great, and it’s nice to have actual print outs instead of just digital photos.

Circle Straw Bag //

Also a recent purchase, I’ve been carrying this straw bag non-stop.  It’s perfect for the summer months and the quality is really great.  It’s lined, has an internal pocket, and it zips up.  It’s under $35!

Calphalon Cookware //

Another item I use on an almost a daily basis, these Calphalon pans.  Kind of a boring purchase, but they come in so handy (and they’re easy to clean!).

Dumbbell Set //

Since I cut my gym membership in favor of more SoulCycle classes, I picked up this dumbbell set to add in some weight lifting at home!  Perfect for my BBG workouts!

NutriBullet //

Last but not least, another gadget that gets used multiple times a day!  Michael and I use the NutriBullet at least twice a day for smoothies!  I’ve had my bullet for close to 6 years, and it still works perfectly!

What are some of your favorite Amazon buys?!  Share them in the comments below!


  1. Emily Kerr wrote:

    We’ve used Dohm for both babies since Thomas was born. THE BEST. Whenever I sleep in the same room with the kids I sleep amazing!

    I also use a scoop of VP in my coffee everyday too—can def see a difference in my nails.

    Posted 6.25.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      That’s actually how we got hooked on the Dohm! We were staying at a friend’s house – they were expecting at the time so they just had the Dohm in the guest room where we slept, it was amazing! Hooked ever since!

      And totally agree on the nails! I’ve had one too many gel manicures, and the VPs definitely helped to get them back to a healthy state!

      Posted 6.26.18

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