What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

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Most people peg spring and summer as “wedding season,” but in my experience fall and winter are just as busy!  Michael and I had two weddings to attend last fall.  I wore this lace Parker dress to one and this maxi dress to another (this one was in the Caribbean so my dress was  a bit more summery).

I have two go-to spots to shop for wedding guest dresses or really dresses for any occasion.  Nordstrom and Rent the Runway.

Nordstrom always comes through.  It’s my one stop shop for almost everything I ever need.  When it comes time for any sort of special occasion,  I know I’ll be able to find something that works there.  And hello free shipping and free returns!

I’ve used Rent the Runway on numerous occasions and love it.  There are a lot of great perks to using the service (designer dresses at a fraction of the price!).  One of my favorite things about Rent the Runway is that the reviews are actually SUPER helpful.  I love that previous customers post photos of themselves in the dresses.  I always try to look for someone with a similar body type to mine to see how the dress actually fits.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Things to Keep in Mind When Picking out a Wedding Guest Dress for a Fall Wedding

Jewel Tones // For fall, I like to stick to darker tones.  Jewel tones are always a fall favorite!

Comfort // While I love a strapless dress, it’s sometimes rather hard to dance in that style.  Keep in mind your comfort when picking out a dress that you’ll likely be wearing for a few hours.

Weather // Is it going to be hot at the wedding and/or wedding reception?  I’ve been to far too many fall weddings in the south where it’s still 80 degrees.  I always keep this in mind when picking the color and fabric of my wedding guest dress and choose a dress that won’t show any sweat on the dance floor.

Church vs. Non-Church // If the wedding is in a church, you might want to dress a bit more conservative.  Perhaps a higher neckline or a long sleeve option.

Happy Fall Wedding Season!



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