March Do Good Challenge: No Disposable Coffee Cups

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Best Reusable Coffee Mugs | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Lifestyle Blog

In February, I launched my #CobaltDoGoodChallenge series. I challenged you to swap out your ziplock bags and other plastic storage bags for reusable bags. I use Stasher bags – I like these because they’re microwave and dishwasher safe! I’ve also been trying out Bee’s Wrap too – this is a great alternative to saran/plastic wrap! I’ll be sharing a different challenge every month in 2020 so that we can all encourage one another to DO GOOD!

March Challenge

The February and March challenges are aimed at reducing single-use plastics and single-use waste. If we all make these changes and subsequently rub off on others to make changes too, imagine the impact we can have on turning the tide to do good for our environment!

March Challenge: No disposable coffee cups

Michael and I both jumped on this train last year, and once we got into the habit of bringing our own mugs with us on weekend coffee shop runs, it was pretty easy to stick to. I’ve actually felt guilty the few times I’ve forgotten and had to use a throw-away cup.

In addition to bringing our own mugs to our local coffee shops, I purchased travel mugs (also here) for us too! I used to bring my original reusable mug with me on trips, but it takes up a lot of room in my carry-on bag. When I saw these collapsible coffee mugs, I knew I had to scoop up two! Michael uses his on all of his work travels and I make sure to pack mine whenever I travel too!

Commit to no disposable coffee cups this month. If you end up at a coffee shop without your own mug, consider asking for the coffee in a mug and enjoy your coffee at the coffee shop instead of taking it to go. Once you get in the habit of bringing your own mug, it will become second nature!

When you’re making the switch, share on social media – share on your Instagram Stories and tag me – I’ll re-post to encourage others to do so as well! We’re using the hashtag #CobaltDoGoodChallenge – I loved seeing your posts on Instagram Stories last month!

I’m excited about this month’s challenge along with the monthly challenges to come! I really think together, we can make some big changes this year! I hope you’re on board!

Best Reusable Coffee Mugs | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Lifestyle Blog

Best Reusable Coffee Mugs

Byta Mug

The Byta mugs are the original mugs I purchased to use as to-go coffee cups. Michael and I both still use these all the time. We mainly use them for morning coffee shop runs and for car travel. We’ve had them for almost a year now, and they’ve held up really well! We both have the 16 oz size.

Stojo Collapsible Mug

My most recent purchase for both Michael and I. These collapsible mugs are AWESOME for travel! We both use ours anytime we travel. The mugs collapse down – they take up hardly any space. I keep mine in my carry-on bag for easy access if I need a coffee before boarding a flight. It’s super easy to rinse out while traveling and dishwasher safe too! Available here, here, and here.


I mostly use my YETI mug at home as it’s too big for most car cup holders. But you could certainly bring this one to a coffee shop! I use this mug almost every single day. The pro of this mug is that it keeps coffee hot for hours (so long as you keep the lid on). Available here, here, and here.

Best Reusable Coffee Mugs | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Lifestyle Blog


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