Gift Ideas for Men

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It’s officially the holiday season and officially time for Gift Guides!  I’m really excited to share my Gift Guides with you this year!  It’s the first year in quite some time that I feel a bit ahead of the game.  I’ve already purchased a handful of gifts and have been browsing gift ideas to share with you for for weeks!

Every year, without a doubt, one of my most requested Gift Guides is for gift ideas for significant others, boyfriends, fianc├ęs, and husbands. Hopefully today’s gift guide, Gift Ideas for Men, will give you a few ideas for your guy!

Michael helped me put this guide together. It includes a lot of items he already has (and loves) or items that are on his wishlist!  Let’s jump into my list of gift ideas for guys!

Gift Ideas for Men

Sonos Speaker

We have two of these Sonos speakers, and Michael and I both love them! We have one placed in our living room and one in our kitchen. The speakers are available in black and white. I prefer the white since it blends in with our walls and surroundings better. They’re easy to setup and something we use on an almost daily basis!

Apple AirPods Pro

If your guy is still rocking the Apple headphones with the cord, you need to upgrade him to these ASAP! Apple recently released the Apple AirPods Pro. They supposedly have a better fit, are more comfortable, and provide more noise cancelation than the original AirPods. As someone who made the switch to the original AirPods a while back, I can say that they are a game changer! Especially if the guy on your list works out or takes a lot of work calls during the day. Not being attached to your phone is awesome!

YETI Cooler

Every guy loves a YETI cooler! I like this particular one because it’s not as heavy as their hard coolers. It’s a great size to carry a good amount but not so big that it’s not manageable.

Beer Opener Survival Tool

This is probably one of the more random gift ideas on my list … but hear me out, it’s actually really cool! This gadget is the size of a credit card so it easily fits into most guys’ wallets. It’s a 11-in-1 tool! It has all of these features: can opener, beer bottle opener, sharp edge, flat screwdriver, ruler, 4 positions wrench for various size bolts and nuts, butterfly wrench, saw blade, direction auxiliary indication, 2 position wrench, and a lanyard hole. A great stocking stuffer!

Bonobos Henley & Brushed Button Up

Michael shops at only a handful of places, Bonobos being one of them. Bonobos has high quality clothing pieces, and their customer service is outstanding (one of the things Michael likes the best about the brand!). Two of Michael’s favorite fall/winter shirts are from Bonobos – the Bonobos Henley and the Brushed Button Up. For sizing reference, he’s 5’11” and around 170 lbs and wears a size medium. They have a great return policy and are always SO helpful when we go in-store or even call-in for assistance.

Away Everywhere Bag

I have this bag and Michael stole it! Santa might be bringing him his own … This bag is AWESOME! If you’ve been around here even for a minute, you know that I’m a big fan of Away luggage. I have all of the sizes in their luggage, except for the Medium. I recently purchased this bag – the Everywhere Bag – to use as my personal item when flying. It has a flap that allows you to slide the bag right onto your luggage handle so that the bag sits perfectly and securely on top of your rolling suitcase.

Michael travels a lot for work and this has been a game changer for him! He used to travel with a backpack and would get so annoyed with the fact that he couldn’t sit it on top of his rolling carry-on bag. He now uses this (my) bag as his everyday work and gym bag! There’s lots of room and tons of different storage compartments, which makes it perfect for guys for work, the gym, and for travel! It’s available in lots of colors. I’d recommend the canvas as it’s what we have – it’s really durable and easy to wipe clean.

Away Bigger Carry On Bag

On the same Away note, if your guy is in need of an upgrade to his luggage, Away hard shell suitcases are the way to go! I recommend the Bigger Carry On Bag as it’s the perfect size to fit everything you need while still being small enough to use as a carry-on bag on all airlines. It’s available in lots of different colors as well. I promise this gift will be a HIT under the tree!

Whiskey Cocktail Glasses & Cocktail Ice Cube Trays

Michael has both of theses (the glasses and the ice cube trays) and uses them both almost every weekend! The cocktail glasses look VERY nice, which is a perk for me because I get to display them in the open cabinets in our kitchen! The ice cubes are just a fun added touch! If your guy enjoys cocktails, this is a great gift to give! Add a nice bottle of his favorite bourbon and you’re set!

L.L. Bean Boots

A staple that every guy needs in his closet! Michael has had L.L. Bean Boots for YEARS, like since college. They last forever and come in so handy for so many different occasions. They’re a pair of shoes that might not get worn weekly, but when they’re needed, they come in clutch! Rainy football game, snowy commute, ski trip … etc. They’re a pair of shoes that will last a lifetime!

Chelsea Boots

Michael recently added this pair of Chelsea Boots to his closet. They’re a nice alternative to loafers for the fall/winter. I love this color and the suede material. They go with jeans, green pants, khaki pants, navy pants, you name it! They run TTS.

Mott & Bow Jeans

I’m a big fan of Mott & Bow jeans myself, and I recently got Michael to try them out. A direct quote from him when I told him I was including them in this gift guide for men … “tell them any guy buying jeans shouldn’t buy any other pair except these.” HA! He claims they’re the most comfortable jeans he has ever owned. And from my perspective, they’re the best fitting and best looking pair he has ever owned! They fit TTS. For sizing reference, he wears the Slim fit, 31×30.

Everlane Chore Jacket

Another Michael approved item! Everlane is a brand that I’m all about! I’m so happy they branched into menswear! This jacket is a great option for any guy that lives somewhere that might not get that cold through the winter months. Michael has the Ochre color. It pairs great with jeans and other casual pants. Michael’s work attire leans more casual, so he wears this jacket to work too!

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is on the same level as the Apple AirPods … if your guy doesn’t have one yet, get him one. He’ll LOVE it. It’s great not only for its watch function but for its ability to track workouts and habits throughout the day too. And it’s a fun gadget, and guys love gadgets!

Bonobos Pullover Sweater

A great staple for fall/winter! I love how this pullover adds a bit of sophistication to any guy’s look. It’s a good looking piece and easy to style.

USB Charging Station

Another gadget, but one that’s really useful! I picked up a similar one recently to keep beside my bed, and it brings me so much joy! With this USB charging station, the guy in your life can keep all of his toys charged up in one spot!

Everlane Bomber Jacket

I love this cool jacket by Everlane! Michael has it and it’s such a nice alternative to the preppy Barbour look. Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic Barbour jacket, but the Everlane Bomber adds a little hipster vibe. And again, it’s a nice weight for anyone who lives somewhere that doesn’t get too frigid during the winter months. For sizing reference, Michael has a size medium.

One item that totally slipped my mind until I wrapped up this post, Allbird Sneakers! Michael has a pair and wears them MULTIPLE times a week! They’re great because they can be worn with so many different looks. They’re great with lounge wear on the weekend and great with jeans or casual pants for nights out and even work. They’re also Michael’s favorite travel shoe because they’re really comfortable and so versatile! They run TTS.

Need more gift ideas?!

Check out the HOLIDAYS tab at the top of the page where I have tons of gift ideas to help you with all of your holiday shopping this year! I’ll be adding more Gift Guides this week and throughout the holiday season!


  1. Abby Slaton wrote:

    I got the bonobos tee off your Rex last year and it was my husbands favorite gift!

    Posted 11.20.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Yay! Michael wears those to death! Had to keep it on here again this year!

      Posted 11.20.18

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