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Below, you can find a list of resources I use to make my life a bit simpler. I receive a lot of questions about style, travel and blogging, so I included my top resources in all three of those categories!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I may receive commission if you decide to make a purchase, but rest assured these are sites I truly use and trust!


Where I Shop

  • Beautycounter – Clean beauty. See all of my favorites here!
  • Follain – Another clean beauty favorite!
  • Nordstrom – Free Shipping and Free Returns.
  • Everlane – Great basics, great ethos!
  • Amazon – Check out my personalized Amazon shop page with all of my favorite Amazon purchases!
  • cabi – Curated releases of new pieces each season. The quality of cabi’s pieces is top notch!
  • Aerosoles – OBSESSED with everything Aerosoles is doing these days! See some of my favorites here! Use code ASHLEE30 for 30% OFF your purchase!
  • SoSis – Love the sister duo behind this local to Louisiana shop!
  • Branch Basics – Clean, non-toxic cleaning supplies!
  • Territory Foods – Territory foods is a meal delivery service. I LOVE how easy Territory makes it to eat healthy. Having a few Territory meals in the fridge at the beginning of the week for easy lunches and dinners is great! Use code COBALT for $50 off across your first two orders ($25 off your 1st, $25 off your 2nd).

Blogging Resources

  • Bluehost: The hosting company I started off using for this website as well as for my Contracts for Creatives site! Bluehost is a great platform to use when starting your blog. I used Bluehost for the first three years of blogging, and only switched the Media Temple when my traffic outgrew Bluehost. It’s easy to use and super intuitive. If you’re new to the blogging world, keep in my that you need a host, like Bluehost, to support your site. 
  • Be Your Own CFO – I took Amy’s course and now she’s my accountant! Check out the course on how to keep track of your own business expenses and income. It makes bookkeeping and accounting manageable! I wrote a blog post on my experience with the course. You can check it out here!
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – One of the first blogging e-courses that I purchased. Michelle is an excellent instructor and helllllo, she’s a blogging baller! Rest assured, your investment in this course is well worth it! I upped my affiliate income and learned tactics to making more affiliate income through Michelle’s course. I wrote a post on Affiliate Marketing and included a mini-review of Michelle’s course here. Highly recommend the course!
  • BossPitch – I’m SUPER excited to have contributed not one but TWO legally-sound documents to my friend Erica Gwynn of Coming Up Roses‘ course, BossPitch! (P.S. I’m an attorney with a contracts business, Contracts for Creatives!).Erica, the voice behind Coming Up Roses, built an amazing online, self-paced course for bloggers – BossPitch – focused on PITCHING & (POLITELY) PERSISTING to land THE ULTIMATE BRAND PARTNERSHIPS.I contributed to the Contracts Mini-Module and included two documents on how to READ brand contracts as well as WRITE your own. If you’re a blogger, I highly recommend checking out the course!
  • Media Kit – I used Chic Templates to help me create the perfect media kit to share with brands!
  • Tailwind – The ultimate tool to grow your Pinterest following. It allows you to easily schedule out pins across multiple boards and includes great analytics to track which pins are performing the best!
  • Email Newsletter – I dumped MailChimp and switched to Flodesk, and I have no regrets! Flodesk is easy to use and allows for beautiful, customizable emails to send to subscribers! Get 50% off (only $19 a month!) HERE!
  • Contracts – Did you know I have a contract drafting and review business?! If you’re a blogger, photographer, wedding planner, event planner, graphic designer, florist or small business owner, check out Contracts for Creatives. I specialize in contract templates, custom contract drafting, and contract review! I have a plethora of contract templates available for immediate download. I created a discount code specifically for my Cobalt Chronicles readers! Take 10% off any downloadable template on my Contracts for Creatives website with code COBALT10.

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