Taking Time to Enjoy the Mundane

I recently read this article published by The Good Trade: Why the Mundane Matters. It really got me thinking and ruminating on my younger self. I lived in Birmingham, Alabama for almost seven years in the mid-2000s. While I loved attending law school and working as a practicing attorney in the Magic City, I distinctly remember when I started to get the itch to move to a bigger city. I remember feeling bored, feeling as if I was on a hamster wheel of reliving the same mundane days, events, and outings over and over and over. I was craving something fast paced, something exciting, something ever changing. While I loved my time in Birmingham and still love spending time in the city to this day, Michael and I eventually relocated to Washington, DC.

Living in DC for a five-year stint in my early 30s certainly satisfied that craving and changed the trajectory of my life in many ways. But towards the end of my time in DC, I craved routine, a slower pace, an ease of living.

While I still love exciting outings, traveling to new destinations, having exciting weekend plans … there’s something so sweet about recognizing that most of my days in my current phase of life are made up of mundane and routine moments, most of which I enjoy!

Waking up at the same time every morning and making my way to my beloved Nespresso coffee machine. Enjoying my cup of coffee in a quiet house while journaling early in the morning. Hearing W’s footsteps pitter patter through the house and into my bathroom while I’m getting dressed for the day. The frenzied morning rush to get everyone out the door. Greeting the crossing guard at W’s school or the front desk ladies at his therapy clinic. Enjoying an easy weekday lunch of turkey, cheese, and strawberries at home with W. My dedicated work time during nap time. Our afternoon walks through the neighborhood, seeing the same faces sitting on the patio at the same local watering holes every afternoon. Seeing W’s face when M gets home from work everyday. Prepping dinner alone with my Spotify playlist while W and M spend time playing outside. Dinner at home as a family. Reading bedtime books and chatting with W in the dark before putting him to bed. Taking a long hot shower at the end of the day. And ending the day on the couch with an episode of the current show M and I happen to be watching.

These are the moments that make up most of my days. The not so mundane moments are few and far between these days. So instead of rushing past these seemingly insignificant moments that converge to make up most of my days, I’m choosing to take the time to enjoy the everyday, to enjoy the mundane.

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