5 Ways I Make Time for Myself as a Mom

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5 Ways I Make Time for Myself as a Mom

Shamelessly create space in your life for self-care, as much as you are able, and especially if you are a caregiver for others.” I recently read this quote in one of my morning newsletters, The Daily Good, and it really resonated with me. I’ve had this blog post in my draft section since the beginning of this year. Not only did I want to share the 5 ways I make time for myself as a mom with you, I wanted to document them so that I can easily reference this post as the busyness of the year is sure to settle in. Self care is something I’m really committed to making a priority this year.

A Look Back

When I look back on the last two+ years, there’s a lot to sift through. A global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, the 2020 election, being pregnant during a pandemic, having a baby, spending three months in the NICU, moving cities, moving houses … I think a lot of people, myself included, are finally coming out of a years’ long fog this year. We’re all getting back into our regular routines and lifestyles while trying to navigate the new normal that we’ve found ourselves in after the passage of a few blended-together years. Becoming a mom in 2020 changed me in almost every way possible. It’s definitely been an adjustment, especially as I leaned fully into being a full-time work-from-home, stay-at-home mom. After two years, I finally feel like I’m settling back into myself. That might seem like a long time, but the enormous life change that motherhood brings takes time to adjust to, especially when you become the primary provider of every day, all day childcare.

I cherish my time at home with Weldon. I also recognize the privilege I have in being able to work from home with a flexible schedule, and I’m very thankful to have a partner who not only shares in all of our parenting responsibilities but encourages me to make time for myself as well. The Good Trade quote above really struck a cord with me. If you’re a caregiver, it’s so important to make time for yourself so you’re able to fully give time to others. I show up as a better mom when I make space for myself.

Moving Forward

This year, I’m making it a priority to make space for myself. As mothers, we tend to take on the brunt of the extra every day duties that come along with managing the new lifestyle as parents while simultaneously squeezing out any time we had previously dedicated to making time for ourselves.

Admittedly, over the past two years, I haven’t made making time for myself a priority. But I also think that’s how the ebb of flow of parenthood sometimes goes. I’m making it a priority this year to intentionally make space for myself.

5 Ways I Make Time for Myself as a Mom

5 Ways I Make Time for Myself as a Mom

1. Wake Up Early

I’ve always been an early riser, but I cherish my mornings even more now that I have a busy toddler schedule to manage most days. W wakes up around 7:30AM every morning. On weekdays, my alarm goes off at 5:30AM, I’m usually up before 6AM. I love having my morning coffee, journaling, catching up on emails, and getting ahead on any pending work projects. I typically have an hour or so to enjoy my quiet time in the morning before getting dressed and diving into the day.

2. Put Workouts on the Calendar

After a two year hiatus, I jumped back into group fitness and gym workouts this year. Every Sunday, I look at my week ahead and schedule my workouts. I either schedule my workouts early in the morning while Michael is still at home with W or I’ll block off an hour after school drop-off on the two days that W goes to school to get in a workout before diving into work for the day. I live by my calendar (I use this planner) so having my workouts scheduled and part of my daily routine help immensely in ensuring I make the time to move my body.

3. Schedule Bi-Monthly Facials

Before this year, I’ve had less than five facials in my life. After scheduling a few sporadically last year, I found that I REALLY enjoy them, and I love that I can see the cumulative results. After trying out a few different spots, I’ve become a regular at Glasskin in New Orleans. I look forward to these facials so much! An hour of relaxation and bliss. I appreciate facials more than massages as I like seeing the visual results of the facials. They make a BIG difference in my skin’s texture and appearance!

4. Long Shower at the End of Each Weekday

This sounds simple, but as a mom, I NEED a shower at the end of every day. After we put W to bed, Michael usually tackles cleaning up the kitchen from dinner and putting away all of W’s toys in the living room while I take a long, hot shower. I love carving out this time because I know W’s asleep and there’s no time constraint on how long I can stay in the shower! A little laughable, but if you’re a mom, you get it. My nightly shower is my transition from the hustle and bustle of the day to winding down for the night.

5. Incorporate Childcare

I’ve worked from home since 2018. I’m so grateful for my flexible work schedule and the ability to be able to stay home with W, but I also really enjoy my work. Last winter, Michael and I decided to start W in a school program for the 2022/2023 school year. I could tell he was craving interaction with children his age, and I also knew it would give me space to create a better work/life balance. He currently goes to school two half-days a week. He LOVES it! It’s been so great for all of us. The four hours each day that he’s in school give me time to squeeze in a workout at the gym and to knock out big chunks of work. I look forward to my mornings spent at coffee shops churning through work projects while W is having a blast at his sweet school.

Now that I’ve shared ways I make time for myself as a mom, how do you make time for yourself? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Or feel free to email me at [email protected]. Love chatting with y’all!

5 Ways I Make Time for Myself as a Mom