My Morning Routine
As a Work from Home Stay at Home Mom

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My Morning Routine: As a Work form Home Stay at Home Mom

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I never imagined myself as a stay at home mom, it’s funny how life comes at you fast. I’m so thankful my job allows me to be home with Weldon, but it takes a lot of juggling and time management and letting go to squeeze everything in. I always love getting a glimpse into other peoples’ morning routines. I’m sharing a little peek into my morning routine as a work from home stay at home mom!

My Morning Routine

My alarm goes off at 5:30AM every weekday morning. When I wake up, I throw on my robe and head straight to my Nespresso machine. It’s a love affair, really. I gather my journal, my daily planner, my notepad, and my computer, and head to the couch.

I treasure my quiet morning time before Weldon gets up. It’s my time to enjoy my coffee, catch up on emails, read through my daily newsletters, and get a little bit of work in. First up, I always write in my journal. I have a 10 year journal so there’s only space for a few lines each day. It makes journaling every day very manageable. It’s fun looking back on past years’ entries for each day too. I typically work from the couch until around 7:30AM when Weldon gets up.

Michael handles Weldon’s morning routine. He gets him up, preps his breakfast, and gets him fed. While the boys are having their morning fun, I head back to my room to get ready for the day. I enjoy having this extended alone time in the mornings to catch up on my favorite podcasts while getting dressed.

Once I’m dressed, I usually fix a quick breakfast for myself. I’m a creature of habit. Oatmeal and cinnamon toast are my daily go-tos. I pick out Weldon’s outfit for the day, get him dressed, and make a coffee to-go.

Michael and I share a car, so we all head out the door at the same time every morning. When Weldon is out of school (summertime and holidays), we leave the house around 8:40AM to drop Michael off at his office. Weldon and I either run errands or head out for a fun morning activity.

During the school year, Weldon’s school drop off starts at 7:50AM so we’re out the door earlier, around 7:45AM. This ultimately leads to a more rushed morning. During the school year, my morning alone time is cut much shorter. I don’t mind because I have the whole morning after school drop off to get everything done. Weldon is only in school for half days right now so I usually head to a coffee shop to work while he’s at school. During the school year, I pick him up by 12PM everyday. We have lunch together and then it’s nap time for him and more work time for me.

Our weekday mornings fly by, and I’m always behind on my to-do list, but tis this season of life! I’m beyond thankful that I’m able to work from home and spend so much time with Weldon while he’s at this precious young age!

My Morning Routine: As a Work form Home Stay at Home Mom
My Morning Routine: As a Work form Home Stay at Home Mom