Top 10 Amazon Purchases 2023

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Top 10 Amazon Purchases 2023

Top 10 Amazon Purchases 2023

The 10 Amazon items you loved the most this year! The top 10 Amazon purchases by Cobalt Chronicles readers in 2023, all with good reason!

1. Ice Face Roller: This self care tool is one of the best bang for your buck beauty tools! It’s usually on sale for under $10 and packs a punch! I keep mine in the freezer and use it in the mornings to de-puff my face. It works wonders, and it feels so nice too! This particular ice roller comes with a gua sha stone as well. I love using the gua sha for facial massages when applying face oils at night. You can also use the gua sha tool in the mornings as well. It helps with lymphatic drainage.

2. Sweater Jacket: If you go into an office regularly for work, you need this sweater jacket in your wardrobe! It’s a nice, blazer length cardigan. And y’all loved it this year!

3. Gold Under Eye Masks: I never travel without a few of these in my carry on bag. They’re also great after a late night. I’m a fan of this brand too!

4. Lip Mask: I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to this lip mask. I used to only apply the mask at night before bed. But now I use it more like a lip gloss. It has the best shine. And it’s so hydrating!

5. Makeup Sponges: These sponges are just like Beautyblenders but cost a fraction of the price. They work perfectly. I purchase these on repeat.

6. Long Cardigan: My favorite fashion purchase from Amazon this year! The quality is great, and I love the color. It pairs perfectly with jeans and a tucked in tee. It’s also been a go-to for travel – a great plane piece!

7. Nespresso Machine: An OG favorite of mine, and it looks like y’all are equally obsessed. This year my love for my Nespresso machine reached new heights – I brought mine with us on all three of our trips to the beach this year. Sorry, not sorry. My coffee brings me so much joy in the mornings!

8. Mesh Top: The PERFECT date night top! It’s available in tons of colors, I have it in white. It fits true to size.

9. Tennis Skirt: I lived in this skirt during the spring and summer months! I have it in black and white. It has built in biker shorts, and the pleated portion is a bit longer in the back for the perfect amount of coverage.

10. Play Kitchen: Weldon received this play kitchen last year and loves playing with it! I included it in all of my gift guides this year, and it looks like lots of toddlers received this gift for birthdays and Christmas this year too! Bonus points that it’s aesthetically pleasing! We have the mint colorway.

Honorable Mention

I have one honorable mention purchase as I use it everyday! And it brings me joy. I purchased this makeup bag from Amazon in 2023 and LOVE it. It folds open so you can see all of your makeup products at once. It holds so much! And has so many different pockets and zippers. It’s available in tons of colors! A steal at under $25!