The Best King Cake in New Orleans!

The BEST King Cake in New Orleans

The Best King Cake in New Orleans

It’s carnival season, which means it’s King Cake season in New Orleans! There’s nothing quite like New Orleans’ carnival season! Carnival season starts on the Epiphany, January 6th. From January 6th all the way to Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) New Orleanians celebrate. And one of the ways we celebrate is with King Cake!

In our house, we typically pick up one King Cake each weekend. I love trying out all of the different varieties from all over the city! Everyone has their favorite, but my vote for the BEST King Cake in New Orleans is Manny Randazo’s. There are so many good ones, you really can’t go wrong!

6 New Orleans King Cakes to Try This Mardi Gras Season! 👑

💜 Manny Randazzo: My personal favorite. A classic that’s hard to beat!
💚 Dong Phuong: If icing is your thing, this is the King Cake for you! Their dough is incredible too!
💛 Bywater Bakery: On the flip side, if you’re not an icing fan, try this one! Minimal icing, traditional granulated sugar on top.
💜 La Boulangerie: Boulangerie can do no wrong! And I love their little piggy as a fun replacement to the traditional ling cake baby.
💚 Nonna Randazzo: Another New Orleans classic that’s hard to beat!
💛 Hi-Do Bakery: Worth making a trip to the West Bank!

I’m a traditional King Cake girlie, traditional cinnamon all the way. Where’s your favorite King Cake from?! Drop a comment below! Always looking for more to try!