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And just like that, we’ve checked off one month in 2018!  I kind of loved January (even though I hate the cold).  I’ll have a full recap of how my month went as a follow-up to my first post of the year – 5 Things I’m Doing to Jumpstart 2018 – next week.  Of note, Dry January is over!  I’ll be cheersing to that over the weekend!  😉

Let’s take a look back at the week!


Monday’s post seemed to really resonate with those who read it!  It seems like everyone is sick of hearing “I’m busy.”  So let’s just stop, k?!  If you haven’t read the post yet, you can check it out here.

I skipped out on meditation class on Monday and had a date night at home with my laptop.  I always feel super motivated at the beginning of each week so I put my post-9-5-hours to good use that evening.


In this week’s Travel Tuesday post I shared a little known perk about one of my favorite credit cards that ended up saving Michael and I $500 on a recent trip!  It’s one of the best (if not the best) cards in my wallet.

Tuesday night I met up with Monica & Serena for happy hour burgers at a new-to-me spot, Mintwood Place.  I’m not sure how I’ve never been here before, but it was great!


I feel like I’ve been living under a rock not knowing all the fashion goodness that’s available on Amazon!  I’ve finally seen the light so I had to make sure you were in the loop too!  In Wednesday’s post I shared 10 Amazon Fashion Finds.  Everyone is always shocked when I tell them this sweater is from Amazon … and it’s only $20!

Wednesday evening I hit up SoulCycle.  I was itching to get into a class since I hadn’t been in a week!


I put a few Christmas gift cards to use earlier in the week and my packages arrived on Thursday.  I scooped up this easy button-up and this blush/tan blouse and two pairs of shoes.  The stars of the bunch are these knotted, blush mules (perhaps the best blush mules ever!) and these embroidered mules.  Both pairs are 100 times cuter and more beautiful in person!  I’m almost certain the blush pair will sell out so if you see your size in stock, grab them!

I sweated it out at SoulCycle to close out the week (does anyone else think of Thursday as the last day of the week)?

Weekend Plans

Since I skipped mediation on Monday, I’m planning on hitting up an early evening class after work today.  Even though Dry January is officially over, I’m waiting until Saturday to have my first adult beverage (wine, moscow mule, or marg … I can’t decide!).  I’m waking up early on Saturday to shoot with two of my favorite DC photographers so I’m trying to avoid any sort of puffy eye situation.

Michael and I are planning on a hitting up Tiger Fork Saturday night for dinner and cocktails, and I have a coffee date with my friend Rene on Sunday morning.

Other than that, Michael and I will be squeezing in our long run for half-marathon training (we’re up to 7 miles this week), and we’ll be glued to the TV for Super Bowl Sunday.

Other Happenings

Some of you may know that I volunteer with Bright Beginnings through the Junior League of Washington.  If you’re not familiar with Bright Beginnings, long story short, it’s an amazing organization for homeless kids in D.C.  I’m on the Special Events committee, and we’re hosting a charity ride in partnership with Flywheel on Saturday, February 24th.  The class cost is $35, which includes shoes and water, and ALL of the proceeds go straight to Bright Beginnings.  I’ll be there, and it will be a fun, worthwhile sweat session!  If you’re in D.C. and interested in joining, you can sign up here!