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It’s been a minute since I’ve popped in with a life update since Black Friday took over the usual Week In Review post last week!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping your week back hasn’t been too painful.  I extended my stay in Shreveport a bit and just arrived back in DC on Wednesday.  It was nice to be at home with my family and friends for a bit longer, but it’s also nice to be back at home in my apartment in the city too.

Let’s jump into this week’s Week In Review and take a look back at a few happenings!


Monday was all about Cyber Monday madness!  I shared the best Cyber Monday deals happening around the web.  I hope you scored some great finds!  Some stores are still offering deep discounts:

J.Crew // 30% off your ENTIRE purchase with code SNUGGLE (40% off orders of $200+)

Madwell // 20% off your ENTIRE purchase with code MERRYME (30% off orders of $200+)

LOFT // 60% off on sale items + 40% off sweaters & tops

Ann Taylor // 40% off all sweaters & tops too with code TOPPICKS


Tuesday was my last full day at home in Shreveport.  I spent the morning at home with my mom and met up with my childhood BFFs and their kids for an afternoon playdate.  It’s always so fun to see all of my friends and their kiddos!  We had a girls’ night that night and met up for pizza and wine at Frank’s Pizza.


I caught an early flight back to DC Wednesday morning and made it back by mid-afternoon.  After unpacking, doing laundry, and going through all of my mail, I made myself go to an evening SoulCycle class.  It felt so good to get back into a bit of a routine!

Here on the blog I shared my travel essentials checklist!  Fitting for just arriving back in town.  Check out the post to make sure you’re prepared for upcoming holiday travel!


I soaked in my first morning back in DC by sleeping in a bit (past my usual 5AM alarm) and had a leisurely morning catching up on emails and work.  I spent most of my day at my computer, which is exactly what I had in mind for the day!  I capped off the day with a fun event put on by Verizon at Engine Company 12.  It was a fun night!

Michael arrived back in town late Thursday night, excited to have him home!

Weekend Plans

I’m looking forward to a weekend in DC!  Friday night will likely be pretty low key.  Michael and I have a friend’s birthday get together to attend on Saturday plus I’ll be heading to Succotash for a fun media event that I’m excited to share on Instagram (come follow along!).

Other than that, I plan on finally watching Crazy Rich Asians, getting our tree up, and building a fire or two.

Favorite Things This Week

Nest Holiday Candle // I ordered a restock of my favorite holiday candle before I went home for Thanksgiving, and they were on my doorstep when I arrived back in town this week!  If you’re looking for a festive candle for the holiday season, try out this one!

Sheer Lip Tint (Rose) // I snagged this Beautycounter Sheer Lip Tint in the color Rose during the Cyber Monday sale.  The color is dark enough that there’s definitely color, but it’s not super heavy or tinted.  It’s also super creamy and soft.  A bonus, it’s a clean, non-toxic beauty product!

Erin Condren Planner // Ok, this is kind of a cheat answer because it’s one of my favorite, most used things every week.  But this week, I was bouncing back and forth between my current 2018 planner and my new 2019 planner!  It’s that time of the year when I’m starting to schedule events, meetings, and trips into January and February.  If you haven’t snagged your 2019 calendar/planner yet, I can’t recommend the Erin Condren LifePlanner enough!  I rave about it all the time (check out a recent post here), but I’ve used the LifePlanner for over five years now and continue to buy a new one year after year!


Have a nice weekend!