10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Home this January!

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10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Home this January!

10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Home this January

After the holidays this year, I went into major home organization mode. I organized our Christmas decor, our pantry, our under-the-stairs closet, our utility closet, and more! I purchased all of these items on Amazon and wanted to share with you – 10 easy ways to organize your home!

Let’s Get Into It!

1. Bottle Organizer for Pantry: One of Michael’s hobbies is perfecting classic cocktails, which leads to lots of liquor bottles and accoutrements. I added one of these organizers to our pantry, and it made a world of difference! Now we can see all of our various liquor bottles and red wines all in one spot. A great hold over until we purchase a proper liquor cabinet.

2. Under Cabinet Pullout Drawers: There’s always that one cabinet in the kitchen … We have one kitchen cabinet that tends to be our “catch all” cabinet. Weldon’s art supplies, my thank you notes, mail that needs to be filed away … I installed two sets of these drawers in the cabinet, and OMG, so organized! I have Weldon’s coloring books in one drawer, his crayons and markers in another, and my thank you notes and mailing supplies in the other set.

3. Christmas Ornament Storage Box: I’m a little late in sharing this one, but I started using these Christmas ornament storage boxes last year, and I ordered another one this year. They are GREAT and make storing ornaments so easy.

4. Clear Bins for Pantry: I have several sets of these clear bins in our pantry. We have a large pantry, but it’s all wire shelving, which IYKYK! These bins not only keep all of our pantry staples and Weldon’s snacks organized, but they keep everything from falling over or falling through the wire shelves.

5. Headband Organizer: I never knew I needed this until I had it. This headband organizer is so great. I have all of my headbands on it, including my costume-y headbands (hello Mardi Gras!). I keep this on a shelf in my closet. I also have this clutch organizer in my closet. It’s great for storing all of my smaller bags.

6. Can Organizer for Pantry: Another pantry MVP. Again, with our wire shelving in our pantry, all of my canned goods were constantly tipping over. This organizer not only solves that problem, but is also a great space saver as well!

7. Heavy Duty Shelving Unit: I used this shelving unit in our utility closet underneath our stairs to organize all of our cable, internet, and home security boxes and wires. I also store our at-home workout equipment on the shelving unit.

8. Rings for Christmas Cards: For the last several yeas, I’ve used these rings to save all of our Christmas cards. I use one ring each year. I hole punch all of our Christmas cards we receive, put them on a ring, and store with our Christmas decor. It’s so much fun to look through the cards each holiday season. I store the pack of rings with my Christmas decor so they’re easy to find each year.

9. Bamboo Silverware Organizer: This organizational piece brings me an inordinate amount of joy. It’s a bamboo silverware organzier. It’s expandable to fit most drawers. I have two. Buy one (or two) and thank me later!

10. Spice Organizer for Pantry: A bonus item not pictured in the collage – I own two of these spice organizers and have them in our pantry. I love that it allows me to see all of my spices at one time, and again, such a space saver!

10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Home this January