7 Home Essentials that Bring Me Joy

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After staying home for three months during quarantine, I really honed in on the home essentials in our home that bring me joy. And even though Texas has entered Phase 3 of reopening, I haven’t ventured out much. What I’ve noticed most is that it’s mostly the little things that bring me the most joy on an everyday basis at home!

7 Home Essentials that Bring Joy

Beautiful Clean Candles // I like to light a candle each morning when I sit down at my desk. It gives me a sense of peace and calm. I also love having beautiful candles in the living room and bathroom. And funny enough, Michael has been lighting a candle every morning at his makeshift desk at our kitchen table too!

About two weeks into quarantine, I refreshed our candle supply. I stocked up on a few non-toxic candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio and Bijou Candles. At Brooklyn Candle, I love the Sunday Morning and Santal. I have the Lena candle from Bijou (my grandmother’s name was Lena so it makes me smile every time I light it!).

Fun Wine Glasses // I typically save drinking for Fridays and Saturdays. Especially during quarantine, I look forward to that glass of wine on Friday! I love pulling out a fun wine glass to use for my weekend wine! These glasses from Anthropologie are so pretty in person. I added a couple of hand painted glasses from my talented friend Lauren Ross Simmons to my collection over the past month! I have a Happy Pills glass and a Take a Chill Pill glass – they look so cute next to one another in my glass-front kitchen cabinet!

KitchenAid Mixer // Raise your hand if you took up baking during quarantine … ME! I’ve had a KitchenAid mixer for a while, and I use it pretty frequently. But during quarantine, I really amped up its use! I have the white version, and I love how it looks displayed on our countertop. It makes cooking and baking so much easier and much more fun! The mixer is currently on sale here!

Fresh Flowers // I’m a sucker for fresh flowers. Trader Joe’s has the BEST fresh flowers. They’re always beautiful, in season, and relatively inexpensive. I love adding a dozen roses to my grocery runs. I usually make one small arrangement for our kitchen table and an arrangement for our living room. A little thing that makes me so happy every time I see the blooms.

Nespresso Machine // I’ve had my Nespresso machine for years, and I still look forward to it every single morning! My machine makes both a full cup of coffee and espresso drinks. I purchased mine as a bundle – the machine + a milk frother – seen here. But I found the machine by itself for 40% off here!

House Plants // I’ve become a plant lady. I purchased my monstera and aloe plant (seen in the photo above) from Trader Joe’s. They were both tiny when I bought them, but as you can see, they’ve grown into rather large plants over the past year! I added a pothos plant during quarantine that I’ve now divided into two separate pots and even propagated a smaller portion for a desk plant! A couple of Instagram accounts I love following for plant inspo: @libbylivingcolorfully & @growinthelight

Herb Garden // Michael and I resurrected our herb garden during quarantine. I love checking in and watering our herbs each morning. Our raised garden bed is actually back in stock! Available here and here. It’s been out of stock for the past few months. In our garden we have parsley, basil, rosemary, and mint (in a separate planter as mint tends to take over).

For more of my home essentials, check out my Amazon Home Essentials here!


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