February Recap, Look Ahead at March

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As the second month of 2019 is wrapping up, I feel like I can see the light at the end of a very exciting, fast paced tunnel. I’ve had the some of the most exciting life events happen over these past few months. I’ve essentially been on a roll since the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, honeymoon, and now a cross-country move! While it has been crazy and wonderful all at the same time, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to being settled in March.

Before we dive into a sneak peek at what’s to come in March, let’s take a look back at February!

Saying Goodbye to the District

Today is moving day! After almost five years of living in Washington, D.C., Michael and I are onto the next chapter. I’m planning on writing an entire post to really give DC the credit it’s due, but I have loved every minute of living in the Nation’s Capital.

There are some true “only in DC” things that have happened and that I’ve gotten to experience while I’ve been in the city. Two that come to mind … standing in front of the White House, which was lit up with a rainbow glow, the night the Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage and legalized it in all fifty states (being there, in that moment is indescribable) and SoulCycle class with Michelle Obama. 🙂

I spent the past few weeks having coffee dates, lunches, and dinners with friends at some of my favorite spots in the city. Thankfully, I already have a trip planned to visit in April. It’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you soon.

Moving to Houston

Michael and I are packing up and heading out on a three-day road trip to make our move to Houston. We rented a moving truck and are planning on driving to Knoxville, TN the first day, then to Baton Rouge, and finally making our way to Houston on Friday!


I spent the first few days of the month in Hawaii on our honeymoon. After arriving back to DC, Michael and I packed up for a week of house hunting in Houston. Spoiler, we found a house! I ended the month with a press trip to Arizona with Visit Mesa & Visit Phoenix!

I have a handful of blog posts coming your way on my Arizona travels, so stay tuned! The photo above was shot at Agritopia, a really cool village of restaurants and shops centered around an urban farm.

Wellness Goals

I quickly fell off of my two-a-day workouts incorporating SoulCycle classes and yoga classes at YogaWorks after my wedding. I squeezed in a few classes at both when I wasn’t traveling this month. I’m excited to get settled in Houston and get back into my workout routine. There’s SoulCycle and YogaWorks in Houston! Yay!

I did manage to launch a Clean Beauty Favorites page that includes all of my favorite clean beauty products in one place! I also put together a free, downloadable PDF that includes links to all of the products plus a link to a beauty quiz that helps to determine what clean beauty products are right for you! Get a copy of the PDF when you sign up for my newsletter!

Most Read Blog Posts

I thought it would be fun to share the most read blog posts of the month in these recaps as I always find it interesting to see what you’re enjoying reading the most! This month it was no surprise that y’all loved reading about the big life changes. 🙂

  1. Surprise, We’re Moving!
  2. House Hunting in Houston | Mazda6 Review
  3. The 2 Best Small Business Credit Cards

Most Clicked Items

Along with the most read blog posts of the month, I also thought it would be fun to share the most clicked items as well! This helps me to know what y’all are shopping for and what items are catching your attention the most!

  1. ASOS Floral Maxi Dress
  2. Shopbop Jumpsuit (available in white, black, blue)
  3. Revolve Fringe Sweater

A Look Ahead to March

I’ll be spending the first weekend in March (this coming weekend) in Shreveport (my hometown). My favorite Mardi Gras parade, Highland Parade, is rolling on Sunday! Other than that quick trip, I’ll be focusing my time on settling into Houston and getting back into a routine!

I hope the second month of the year treated you well!



  1. Jenny wrote:

    Wow, you have been so busy!! I’m sure Hawaii was amazing, I would love to go one day. Also congrats on finding a house! How exciting, March is going to be equally as busy it seems haha.

    Jenny | localleo.co.uk

    Posted 3.1.19
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Hawaii was beautiful! And yes, I’m excited for a bit of a slow down in March! haha

      Posted 3.3.19

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