Week In Review – Moving Edition

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Well this week has been quite the whirlwind!  I flew back from my press trip to Arizona on Sunday and didn’t make it home until around 11:00 pm.  I spent two and half days in DC before packing up our Penske truck and hitting the road for a three-day road trip to Houston!  And it doesn’t stop there.  Michael and I are only in Houston one night before we fly to Shreveport for the weekend.  I’m really looking forward to a somewhat normal week next week (insert the laughing emoji)!


On Monday I shared a blog post all about my favorite meal delivery service + how you can save $50 across your first two orders!  I spent most of the day catching up on emails and getting ahead on client work since I knew the rest of my week was bound to be crazy.

I ended the day with my last SoulCycle class as a resident of the District!  It was a sad day as I’ve loved getting to know the SoulCycle community in DC.  I’ll miss my favorite instructors (shout out to Cher, Kathleen, Sunny Mae, and Pauline!) and the smiling faces at the front desk (hi Zoe and Zosia!).  But on a positive note, there’s a SoulCycle in Houston not too far from our new place!  I’m excited to get to know the Soul community there!


On Tuesday I shared my favorite finds from Amazon in February!  I started publishing  these monthly posts last year, and I love sharing my Amazon finds with y’all!  Amazon is where I do A LOT of my shopping so it’s fun to roundup my finds every month!

I met Monica for one last coffee date Tuesday morning.  Our coffee dates are my favorite.  And I met another one of my blogger-turned-real-life friends, Victoria, for lunch (squeezing in all the last minute dates!).  I’ve said it before, but I’m so incredibly thankful for the people that blogging has brought into my life.  I met Monica a couple of years ago after I sent a blind email to her about rewardStyle.  We met for margs and guac at Mission in Dupont and the rest is history!  We even ventured to Newport, RI with our significant others a couple of summers ago!  And I met Victoria about a month after I started blogging – almost 4 years ago!  I love our catch up sessions and love chatting the business of blogging with her!

I’ll miss my blogger-turned-real-life friends that I’ve made in the city so much!

Tuesday was full of cramming in last minute DC outings … Michael and I had one last gift card to use, to one of our favorite DC restaurants.  We met three of our DC friends at Rose’s Luxury for one last night out in the city!  Rose’s was perfect, per usual.


On Wednesday I shared a look back at this crazy month.  I enjoy sharing my monthly recaps here on the blog as it’s a fun way to look back to actually take stock of what went on in each particular month.  This month was a wild one.

Speaking of wild, Michael and I legally got married on Wednesday! You may be wondering why it took us so long considering we had our wedding ceremony and reception over a month ago … Well, leave it to living in DC to get in the way.  We were originally scheduled to pop in the courthouse to get our marriage license the week before our wedding.  But then, the government shutdown happened!  I quickly realized that the DC Marriage Bureau is funded by the federal government and wouldn’t reopen until the government did.  When the government shutdown finally ended, we had to reschedule the date.  The first available date was Wednesday!  We’re officially official.  #onlyinDC

Another big event happened on Wednesday, we packed up our Penske and started our three-day road trip to Houston!  We stayed in Knoxville, TN for the night.


Thursday was our longest drive of the trip.  We drove 9ish hours from Knoxville to Baton Rouge, LA and stayed with Michael’s parents for the night.  We arrived just in time for dinner, and they treated us to crawfish and king cake!  I’ve been cravingggg those mudbugs over the past few months.

Weekend Plans

As of Friday afternoon, we should officially be in Houston!  (I’m writing this on Thursday.)  After unpacking and organizing a bit, we’re planning on grabbing dinner and getting a good night’s sleep before heading out early Saturday morning to catch a quick flight to Shreveport, LA (my hometown).  Michael and I don’t have a car #citylife, so we need to get one quick.  Thanks to my dad being in the car business, we’re heading to Shreveport to finalize details on a new car!  We’re getting one car to share for the time being. 

The timing actually worked out perfectly as my favorite Mardi Gras parade is rolling in Shreveport this weekend!  Stay tuned on Instagram Stories as I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot from the parade there!  Michael and I are making the 3.5 hour drive home to Houston early Monday morning.

Cheers to the weekend!