Friday Musings

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Happy Friday! We spent last week in Destin, Florida with my family on our annual family beach trip. We had that best time! Seeing the joy in W’s eyes every single day spent at the beach was such a treat. While I was excited to get back into our usual routine at home, W had an unexpected health scare this week with his left leg, so we ended up making a slew of unplanned trips to different doctors. Thankfully, by the end of the week, his leg is pretty much back to normal. On a positive note, he wasn’t fazed one bit by the whole thing. He was his usual wild and happy self even with a significant limp in his left leg. I’m very thankful for his team of therapists and doctors that were able to quickly assess and treat him this week.

I’m looking forward to a low key weekend in New Orleans. Our pool and splash pad opened for the summer last weekend, so I’m sure we’ll be spending time there. I’m so excited to have this spot to escape the heat this summer! Otherwise, I’ll be wrapping up a few work projects I wasn’t able to get to this week and enjoying lots of outside time.

Friday Musings

+ Just finished this book, which I highly recommend if you lived in the Dupont Circle neighborhood in DC at any point over the past ten years. Loved the local references.

+ My small patio furniture set is currently on sale!

+ My large patio furniture set is also on sale (includes a sofa, swivel chairs, nesting tables, and covers)!

+ Michael and I are all caught up on Ted Lasso, Season 3. It’s such a feel good show! Highly recommend.

+ We also just finished The Diplomat on Netflix, a good watch too!

+ Ordered this adorable baseball cap for W this week.

+ A beautiful peek inside a Garden District home in New Orleans.

+ Very excited to try out this body wash by Isle of Paradise!

+ An interesting read: Where have all the Disney villains gone?

+ Truly Insane Logistics of Formula 1 (I’m hooked on F1 after watching Drive to Survive on Netflix!)

+ On Learning How to Say No

+ On that same note, a mantra I live by, if it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a no. Love this colorful bracelet as a reminder!

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