5 Tips on Getting Settled in a New City

Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger

I’ve done my fair share of moving … with my recent move to Houston, I’ve now lived in five states! Let’s take a walk down memory lane just to give you a bit of background and to up my street cred on the topic of today’s post. 😉

My first move was probably the hardest. I decided to go against the grain for college. Instead of attending LSU, where the majority of my classmates went, I chose to go to Ole Miss, where I essentially knew no one. Prior to moving to Oxford, I attended kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school with the same group of people. I learned a lot about making new friends, the importance of getting out of my comfort zone, and generally just being more outgoing. While the first few months were definitely tough, I settled in during the first semester. I would give my right arm to go back to Oxford and do college all over again! It was the best.

My next move to Birmingham, Alabama was a lot easier. I moved in with one of my best friends from college to attend law school. Law school itself made moving to Birmingham a breeze. I made friends immediately and genuinely loved the city.

After spending six years in Birmingham, Michael and I (we met in Birmingham) moved to D.C.! We were both itching for a bigger city, and ultimately decided DC was a great fit. When I first moved to DC, I vividly remember walking home from work and telling myself, I just have to make it here one year. I felt like I had to give it at least a year. At about the 6-month mark, I fell in love with the city. It took a while for me to find my groove, but I found my people, settled into my routine, and ultimately stayed in DC for almost five years! In all honesty, I’d move back there in a heartbeat if someone offered to pay my rent. #citylivingprobs

Michael and I moved to Houston a little over two months ago. I’ve been settling into a new routine and scheduling coffee dates with friends of friends. We’ve been making an effort to explore our neighborhood and meet up with new and old friends on the weekends.

Tips on Getting Settled in a New City

I’ve learned things with each move that have helped me get settled in each new city. It’s been helpful this go around to keep these things in mind and know that it just takes time to settle into a new city.

Lean Into the New City

To really settle into a new city, you have to lean into it. You’ll never learn to love the city you live in if you don’t embrace it. Check out coffee shops, local restaurants, tourist attractions. Be in the know about what your city has to offer!

Michael and I love exploring new cities, not just ones that we live in, through the restaurant scene. We make it a point to walk to a neighborhood coffee shop every weekend, and we also love trying out new-to-us restaurants. Google James Beard nominees or look at Eater.com for restaurant recs! Or ask on Instagram Stories or Facebook if any friends have recs for restaurants!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Meet New People

I don’t really know that many people in Houston directly. But I do have A LOT of friends-of-friends here. I’ve made it a point to take anyone up on the offer to introduce me (even via email) to friends that live in Houston. I’ve gone on a handful of blind coffee and lunch dates. Michael and I have done the same for dinner dates on the weekends. I’ve also met new people through blogging (you could meet new people through your work too!) and through SoulCycle and YogaWorks!

While it may be a bit uncomfortable and you may not click with everyone, it never hurts to put yourself out there and meet new people in your new city!

Find a New Routine

I love a good routine! It took me a while to settle into my routine here in Houston, but I’ve gotten into a pretty solid one. You can read about my morning routine here! Other than that, I mostly try to work from home in the afternoons during the week – I usually head to a coffee shop for a change of scenery on Fridays. I either attend a 4:30 SoulCycle class or a 5:30 yoga class, depending on the day. Finding a routine with my workouts has been key to settling in this go around. It’s nice to have the familiarity of both SoulCycle and YogaWorks – two spots I worked out at in DC. I’ve already met a few people through attending both regularly.

Go on Walks in Different Neighborhoods

Michael and I make it a point to go on walks on the weekends. We pop in different coffee shops, pull up the Redfin app to look at different houses, and just generally take in the neighborhood. Walking around different neighborhoods makes it so much easier to really get a feel for a new city as opposed to just driving through.

Follow Relevant Accounts on Instagram

Before I moved to DC and again before I moved to Houston, I searched relevant hashtags on Instagram like #dcblogger, #houstonblogger, #houstonfoodie, #dcrestaurants, etc. and started following accounts that resonated with me. Instagram is a great way to stay in the loop on happenings in a new city. It’s a great way to learn about new restaurants and pop up events. I recommend finding a few bloggers in the city you’re living in or moving to and following them. Look for lifestyle bloggers who share more about the city they live in. I find a lot of coffee shops, local spots, and new-to-me restaurants this way.

I hope these tips are helpful! From my experience, the most important thing to keep in mind when moving to a new city is that it takes time to settle into a new city. Be patient and lean in. And if you don’t like it, make a move. 😉

Outfit Details

I have this button-up top in two colors – plain white and this floral pattern. The floral print is a more silky material. It’s easy to tie up, tuck in, or wear untucked! I paired it with one of my all time favorite pairs of Madewell jeans.

To add another pop of yellow, I wore these mustard mules. I’ve been wearing these non-stop! I love the heel height – high enough to feel a little dressed up, but still low enough to be able to walk around the city. I recently walked from pre-dinner drinks to dinner and home afterwards. The shoes are super comfortable! They run TTS.

Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger
Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger
Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger
Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger
Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger
Getting Settled in a New City | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger

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