Homemade Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food | Baby Food Maker

I’ve shared my homemade baby food experience on Instagram, but I wanted to have a permanent post that you can refer back to whenever you need it! I’ve had the best time making all of Weldon’s baby food since he started eating solids. I thought it would be a lot harder and more involved than it turned out to be, which has been such a relief!

We started with purees and have since moved onto foods with a bit more texture … think smashed avocados, scrambled eggs etc.

Why I Chose Homemade Baby Food

At this stage, I want to know exactly what Weldon is eating and what’s going in his little body. A lot of the store-bought baby foods have additives and preservatives in them. I decided to give it a go at making Weldon’s food. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to prepare his food at home. For some reason, I thought it would be more involved than making my own food? It’s actually much simpler and easier!

I love knowing that when he’s eating sweet potatoes, he’s only eating sweet potatoes and no other additives.

Baby Food Maker

What Do You Need to Make Homemade Baby Food

Like I mentioned above, it’s relatively easy to make homemade baby food. Especially if you’re able to invest in (or even better, be gifted (add it to your baby registry!)) the BÉABA Babycook baby food maker! The BÉABA Babycook baby food maker steams and purees foods in 15 minutes! It’s so easy and clean up is quick and easy too! I dice and steam everything from sweet potatoes, apples, pears, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, you name it!

After dicing, you simply add the food to the basket. There are markers on the pitcher where you’ll fill your water up to. I always fill mine up to the “3” mark. Pour the water into the BÉABA Babycook machine, put the basket into the pitcher, snap the lid on, and hit the steam button. The food steams within 15 minutes! Next, empty the food from the basket into the pitcher (there will be water in the pitcher from the steaming process). Turn the blender dial to blend to your desired texture! It really is so simple!

I usually keep 4 jars of food in our fridge and freeze the rest for later. I included all of the products I love and use for this process below!

BÉABA Babycook Food Maker. So easy to use. Steams fruits and veggies in fifteen minutes, purees instantly, and clean up is a breeze!

WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Jars. I use these jars to store fresh baby food in the fridge. I also use these when I pop out frozen baby food from the freezer to thaw and serve. They’re available in primary colors as well!

WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray. I use silicone trays to freeze baby food I make with the BÉABA Babycook baby food maker. I usually freeze a batch and once frozen, I’ll pop them out and store in a Stasher bag. I label the bags with these labels (the food type + date). This size is great for when you’re first starting solids.

Multipurpose Tray for Freezing Baby Food. This is my most used silicone tray. The portion sizes are bigger. Again, once frozen, I’ll pop the food out and store in a Stasher bag. I label the bags with these labels (the food type + date).

Other Mealtime Products We Love

EZPZ Mini Utensils. We love the EZPZ products! We have the Mini Utensils as well as the Tiny Utensils. While I do like the Tiny Utensils for Weldon right now, I know I’ll get much more longevity out of the Mini Utensils.

EZPZ Mini Cup and Straw. This cup and straw combo is great for learning to drink through a straw as well as learning to drink from an open cup!

EZPZ Mini Mat. We recently graduated to using these mats much more often. When Weldon was only eating purees, I fed those to him directly out of the WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Jars. Now that we’ve moved up to mashed foods, we use these mats at every meal time!

A couple of other items, we use and love. For bibs, we either use these silicone bibs or these cloth bibs. I love our highchair! We have the OXO Tot Sprout. It’s easy to clean, has a high back for support, and isn’t too bad to look at on a daily basis in our kitchen. 😉

I hope this post was helpful! For more motherhood posts, click here.