June Amazon Favorites!
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I’m back with another Amazon Favorites roundup! A monthly favorite. You can find all of my Amazon Favorites posts here and shop my curated Amazon Shop here: amazon.com/shop/cobaltchronicles, which you can always shop via the Amazon Shop tab at the top of the page.

We moved in June so there’s definitely a home theme in this month’s favorites.

Amazon Favorites June 2022

Over the Sink Strainer

This was somewhat of an impulse buy after seeing Jacey Duprie share it on her Instagram Stories. Weldon eats SO much fruit. I find myself washing fruit multiple times a day and prior to this strainer, I was washing handfuls of berries, using a paper towel to dry them off, and then serving them to prince Weldon 😉 … I know this sounds silly, but this strainer has been a game changer! It’s adjustable and fits in our sink perfectly. I use it multiple times a day, everyday. It’s available in a few colors. Can’t recommend enough!

Acrylic Wine Glass Set

I purchased two sets of these acrylic wine glasses last year to use as my Mardi Gras float throws (see how I decorated them here!). I was so impressed with the quality and how cute they are that I repurchased them to use on our patio. They’re perfect to use for wine nights or cookouts with friends. They’re so chic but acrylic, so they won’t break!

Pantry Can Organizer

The pantry in our new house is outfitted with all wire shelving … if you know, YOU KNOW. Everything falls over when placed on the shelves because of the tiny wire spacing. I needed something to organize my cans so they wouldn’t all be lopsided and toppling over. This pantry organizer did the trick!

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

I had this drawer organizer at our old house. We have a few more kitchen drawers at our new house so I recently purchased two more! These organizers bring me joy! They are expandable and keep everything in its place. They’re also really beautiful too.

Crochet Cropped Sweater

I’ve hit the point in the summer where I’m sick of tank tops and ready for fall clothes. But alas, I live in New Orleans, so that’s not happening for a while. This crochet sweater is giving me early fall vibes without being suffocating in the NOLA heat. It’s super lightweight and a bit cropped. For sizing reference, I have it in a size small.

Citronella Candles

The mosquitos in our backyard are no joke. I added these non-toxic citronella candles to our back deck and patio. They’ve helped tremendously!

Baby Proofing Cabinet Latch Locks

We’ve officially hit the stage where Weldon is into everything. As soon as we moved in, I ordered these latches and installed them on all of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They were super easy to install and have worked really well!

Outlet Covers

Another baby proofing product, I can barely get these outlet covers off myself, which is a good sign that Weldon would have a hard time removing them as well.

That’s it for this month’s Amazon Favorites! Happy Shopping!

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