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September Recap Plus October Happenings


September Recap | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC Style Blogger

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September has flown by!  I’m sure it’s partially because I was out of town for over half of the month – 16 days to be exact.  September was a heavy travel month!  I usually try to spread out my trips, but this month that just didn’t happen.

I’m excited for the change of seasons ahead of us.  We’ve just been starting to feel and see little signs of fall in the air here in DC.

I’ve been loving incorporating these monthly recaps and sharing them with you!  It’s a nice way to take a look back at the past few weeks and take note of what’s on tap for the month ahead.  If you missed last month’s recap post, check it out here!

Fitness Goals

I chat a lot about my love of SoulCycle and now solidcore too!  Even with being on the road a lot this month, I still managed to squeeze in 8 SoulCycle classes and 4 solidcore classes.  I made use of the massive gym at our hotel in The Bahamas to get a few workouts in as well.

In addition to my workouts, starting today, I’m trying out intermittent fasting.  It seems to be all the rage right now, but Michael has actually done it a few times in the past and it really worked well for him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely seen results since sticking to my SoulCycle routine since January, and adding in solidcore has really helped with toning.  I’m hoping the intermittent fasting will help to reduce belly bloat and just contribute to feeling better in general (not that I currently feel bad).  If you’re interested in reading more about a few people’s experience with intermittent fasting and the benefits, check out Liz’s perspective and Brooke’s too!

Wedding Planning

This month was a big planning month as my mom and I went down to The Bahamas to check out the resort where Michael and I are getting married.  We had never been to the resort prior to our visit.  It blew my expectations out of the water!  We met with the wedding coordinator at the Hyatt, our event planner, and even had a chance to see the wedding band during one of their rehearsals!  I feel so much better about what’s all to come in January after spending a few days at the resort!

On a different note, I’ll be doing a recap of the resort soon here on the blog just as a reference in case you’re looking to visit The Bahamas soon!  Stay tuned!

So far here on the blog I’ve shared my bridesmaid story and how I asked my bridesmaids to be in our weddingwhy we chose to get married in The Bahamasmy wedding dress shopping experienceour wedding invitations and how we designed them, and my favorite wedding registry!   Any other wedding planning topics you’re interested in hearing about?  Let me know!  Shoot me an email at or comment on this post!


Like I mentioned, September was a super heavy travel month for me.  I kicked off the month in Lake Tahoe and Napa, enjoyed a quick day trip to NYC, spent a long weekend in Portland, Oregon, visited The Bahamas, and spent the last weekend of the month in Baton Rouge for the LSU/Ole Miss game!

I’m excited to spend the next two weekends in DC.  Towards the end of the month I’ll be heading to Rosemary Beach, FL for my bachelorette party and then Michael and I are heading somewhere sunny and warm to close out October (stay tuned!).

Favorite September Purchases

Amazon Dress // I have a big Amazon favorites post coming your way this week with a roundup of all of my recent purchases from the Zon, but my favorite Amazon purchase from September has to be this dress!  It’s so good, I bought it twice!  I have it in both black and navy.  It runs TTS with lots of room to spare.  I have a size small in both colors.

Schmidts Natural Deodorant // I switched to natural deodorant a few months ago.  I first tried out this one from LaVanila.  It worked well for the first few weeks, but then the effects seemed to wear off.  I decided to try out Schmidts after seeing a few positive reviews about it.  So far, so good!  I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I have no complaints!  It did the trick in The Bahamas and stood up to the humidity in Baton Rouge this past weekend.

Cheers to the new month ahead!



  1. katie wrote:

    Ok Rosemary Beach sounds like the perfect Bach party destination! So scenic.

    I also do IF – we have an acupuncturist on-staff at work and he recently gave a big seminar about it. Humans bodies were never designed to eat as often as we do – they were designed to store fat for when food was harder to find. Our bodies aren’t designed for the constant eating and insulin spikes, so IF really helps us get back to eating in a more natural way. I’ve done it for a few months and can really notice a difference!

    Posted 10.2.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      I’m excited for a fun and relaxing time in Rosemary for sure!

      Love that insight on IF! Everyone that I’ve talked to about it that has stuck with it has had such positive experiences with it! I’m excited to stick to it and see how it affects my body. Already, only three days in, I do really enjoy the feeling of actually FEELING hungry.

      Posted 10.3.18

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