Travel Toiletry Necessities
What I Packed for Two Weeks In Europe

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Travel Toiletry Necessities | Cobalt Chronicles | Travel Blogger

Note: This post was updated in 2023 with my current travel toiletries.

I hope you had a nice, long holiday weekend! Michael and I are still bouncing around Europe. We’re in Berlin today and heading to Amsterdam tomorrow!

If you missed it, I previously shared what I packed for two weeks in Europe in only a carry on bag! I’m one hundred percent team-carry-on-only when traveling, especially in Europe. That means I travel light in the toiletry department too.

Despite most airline and TSA rules stating that you’re only allowed one clear toiletry bag, I always travel with two and have never had a problem. I generally keep one in my carry on bag and one in my personal item.

I always keep this set of clear toiletry bags on hand. They’re great and TSA approved. I also recently purchased this travel toiletry set and it’s been a great addition!

I try to keep my skincare routine as normal as possible when traveling. I love to have all of my things on hand and with me when I travel. Without further ado, here are my travel toiletry necessities.

Travel Toiletry Necessities

  1. My favorite dry shampoo (new packaging)
  2. Travel toothpaste
  3. Aluminum free deodorant
  4. Razor
  5. Wander Under Eye Gels (amazing for de-puffing under eyes!)
  6. Travel size shampoo
  7. Travel size conditioner
  8. M-61 PowerGlow Peels (feels so nice to get a quick face peel in while traveling)
  9. Beautycounter Charcoal Detox Mask (a treat to be able to mask while on vacation!)
  10. Travel Native Body Wash
  11. Follain Vitamin C Serum
  12. Follain Moisturizer
  13. Travel size shaving cream
  14. I use these two small jars for my makeup remover and nighttime moisturizer
  15. I use this squeeze bottle for my face cleanser
  16. I use this pump bottle for my nighttime face oil
  17. I use this spritz bottle for my Indie Lee toner (can’t go a day with this product!)
  18. Travel Necessaire body lotion
Travel Toiletry Necessities | Cobalt Chronicles | Travel Blogger


  1. Monica wrote:

    I need to save those little sample jars! They’re always the first to go when I’m on a cleaning binge, LOL. Also, those clear plastic containers seem like such a good purchase…Ziplocs always make me feel like something is going to leak or break!

    Posted 5.30.17
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Haha I just keep a few on hand! You should definitely get a pair of the bags for you and Joe! They fit a ton and are nice a clean/compact!

      Posted 5.30.17

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