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Happy Friday! I’m extra excited this Friday because it’s Michael and I’s first weekend in Houston! I’m excited to go for a few walks in our new neighborhood and check out a couple of restaurants on our list. Before we jump into weekend plans, let’s take a look back at the week!


We woke up super early on Monday morning after celebrating Mardi Gras in Shreveport on Sunday to drive back to Houston. I spent most of the day organizing our new place since we essentially dropped everything off on Friday before heading to Shreveport for the weekend. I finally started to feel organized and settled after spending the day cleaning up and running errands – the typical moving errands, Target, Walmart, a huge grocery run …


On Tuesday I shared a new wedding related post – 3 Things to Do Before your Guests Arrive. I have so many wedding posts to publish, but I’m spacing them out a bit so I don’t bombard you with all things wedding all at once!

Tuesday was the first day I felt like I was able to get somewhat back into a routine after feeling off for several weeks with my trip to Arizona and moving. It was so nice to be able to sit at my desk and work from my computer for most of the day! I even ended the day with a SoulCycle class – yes, there’s SoulCycle in Houston!


It’s starting to really warm up here in Houston and the time changes this weekend, which can only mean one thing, spring is on it’s way! I’m at the point where I’m ready to pack up all of my sweaters and boots and shop a few new spring pieces! On Wednesday I shared 10 Things In My Cart for Spring! I’m loving all of the subtle colors and prints these days!

In addition to SoulCycle having a couple of locations in Houston, the other workout studio that I had recently started attending in DC, YogaWorks, also has a handful of studios in the Houston area! I really lucked out with this. I’m so thankful I don’t have to search for a spin and/or yoga studio that I like! I took my first yoga class at YogaWorks on Wednesday and had a great time!


Michael’s Birthday was on Thursday! We celebrated at home with burgers, sweet potato fries, and a cookie cake! We’re saving up to try a restaurant on our Houston list this weekend! Also of note, we made the burgers in our Instant Pot, and they actually turned out great! Michael’s mom gifted us the Instant Pot a while back, but with the move, we hadn’t been able to try it out. I used this recipe and the burgers were fantastic (another plus – minimal cleanup)!

Weekend Plans

I’m so excited to have a weekend with little-to-no plans at home. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those! I’m planning on getting a few more things in order around our house. I placed a couple of orders this week for new items since our current place is MUCH larger than our row house apartment in DC. We currently have three empty rooms … So I’ll be working on that over the weekend!

I’m also looking forward to exploring our neighborhood, trying out a couple of coffee shops, and checking out a cocktail bar and new-to-us restaurant on Saturday night.

Favorite Things This Week

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm // Sometimes I feel like a broken record mentioning this product, but I can’t help it, it’s the best! I shared it on my Insta Stories this week and restocked mine as I just ran out. It’s the BEST makeup remover, hands down. It removes makeup instantly without stripping or irritating your skin. It’s available in a full size and travel size. The travel size is actually pretty sizable and a great way to try out the product if you’ve never tried it before! (It’s also a clean product! No crazy chemicals!)

Dolce Vita Sandals // I snagged these sandals before our wedding in January and lived in them in the Bahamas and in Hawaii. I pulled them back out this week because it got into the 70s here in Houston! (Something I’m LOVING compared to the frigid temps DC experienced this week.) They’re a great basic sandal for spring & summer!

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops // I wrote an entire post about these natural tanning drops. They are the best at-home, self-tanner I’ve ever used. And one of the best things about the drops is that they’re easy to apply to your face! This time of year I like to add a little color to my skin. I have the medium shade. I add a few drops to my normal moisturizer (pictured above) and rub in like usual. The more drops you use, the more tan you’ll appear. Highly recommend checking out this product!

Have a great weekend!


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