Week In Review

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Happy Friday!  I’m settling in for a big admin day of behind the scenes work today at my computer as it’s supposed to be a soggy, rainy, and cold day here in DC.  It’s supposed to be much nicer this weekend!  I hope you had a great week!  Let’s jump into this week’s Week In Review!


On Monday I shared my experience with switching to natural deodorant.  I received a few emails asking about the detox process.  My advice, be patient.  And know that you may have to try out a few different brands to find one that works for you!

After being out of town for an entire week the previous week, I did my best to get back into my normal routine on Monday.  I hit up a 9:45AM SoulCycle class and worked most of the day at home.  If you tried to visit me here on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you may have experienced slow loading pages or pages that didn’t load at all.  I was having major technical difficulties this week with my site, but I finally ironed them all out Wednesday evening so we should be good to go!


Tuesday was election day!  So I did my civic duty and voted.  I hope you got out and voted too.  No matter who you vote for, it’s important to exercise your right and let your voice be heard.  I was happy to see so many amazing women win races throughout the country!

Also on Tuesday, I had the opportunity to record my third podcast interview!  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ashley Copeland of Stacks In the City.  We chatted about blogging, my contracts business, and travel!  The episode should go live next week!  If you’re interested in checking out my two other podcast interviews, they’re linked here.

Tuesday was a busy day!  That evening I headed to Take Care Shop in Georgetown for a preview of all of their holiday gifts!  Take Care Shop is a natural beauty and skincare shop that is beautifully curated with the most wonderful all-natural products for your skin and beauty routines!  I tried so many oils, scrubs, lipsticks, blushes, and creams!  I’m sharing one of my favorites below in My Favorite Things This Week, but another favorite that I tried was the Osea Anti-Aging Hand Cream.  It was heavenly!  I posted it on my Instagram Stories and received so many responses raving about the Osea brand and products!  A few of the fan favorites …


On Wednesday I shared an update on my first month of intermittent fasting.  I’ve loved hearing about your experiences with IF via social media!

If you’re in DC, you likely saw the plethora of advertisements and shoutouts on social about the pop-up Rent the Runway shops this week.  Rent the Runway is starting to partner with different WeWork spaces in different cities to provide more drop off locations for Rent the Runway packages.  The perk to this offering is that if you’re utilizing the Rent the Runway Unlimited package, you don’t have to wait on your returned items to make their way through the mail system before you can choose a new item to rent.  I’ve used the traditional Rent the Runway service on several occasions and have loved it!  You can read about my experience here.  I’m planning on trying out the Unlimited service at some point in the next couple of months.  I’ll keep you posted on how I like it!

I ended the day with a SoulCycle sweat session!


Thursday evening I had the opportunity to speak at Marymount University for the second year in a row on a blogger panel.  It was such a fun night!  Not only did I get to sit on a panel with some of my favorite DC bloggers, the students had such great, engaging questions throughout the night!

Weekend Plans

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty low-key, which I’m thrilled about!  I’ll likely be knocking out some work as I’m trying to wrap up a lot of contract client work before Thanksgiving.  I’ll also be working on holiday content to share with you!  On Monday I’ll be sharing a roundup of Thanksgiving outfit ideas and my first holiday gift guide is set to go live on Tuesday!

Favorite Things This Week

All of my favorite things this week are natural beauty products!  Coincidentally, these items fit in perfectly with Monday’s blog post where I mentioned that I’m making an effort to switch out more of my skincare and beauty products to natural products.  I recently picked up the three products listed below, and they’ve quickly become favorites!

Beautycounter Cream Blush Stick in Hibiscus //

I’ve actually used Beautycounter’s cream blush stick for about a year now.  I had it in the subtle Caramel color, which is great for everyday wear!  After running out a week or so ago, I decided to go with the brighter Hibiscus color this go around.  I LOVE it!  It’s the perfect pigment of pink.  I’m a fan of cream blushes as I personally think they look much better on the skin as compared to most powder blushes.  I can’t recommend the Beautycounter cream blush stick enough!

Beautycounter Lip Conditioner in Peppermint //

Another Beautycounter product!  I needed a new morning/night lip balm and wanted to switch to a natural product.  I read a lot of positive reviews on Beautycounter’s lip conditioner so I decided to give it a whirl.  It’s great!  And I love the soothing peppermint extract that’s in the product.  It’s the perfect product to add to your daily beauty and skincare routine, especially as the colder months move in.

Maya Chia Highlighter Serum //

As I mentioned above, on Tuesday I had the opportunity to stop by Take Care Shop.  They have a product that I’ve been dying to try – the Maya Chia highlighter serum.  It lived up to the hype!  I went home with a sample bottle and have used it everyday since.  If you’re looking to add a little extra glow to your cheeks, check out this product!

Have a great weekend!