Road Trip With Getaround Get $20 Off of Your First Trip!


You may or may not know that I lived in Birmingham, Alabama prior to moving to DC. One thing that I loved about living in Birmingham was its proximity to so many fun weekend getaways … 4 hours to the beach, 2.5 hours to my beloved Oxford, 3 hours to Nashville, and an easy drive home to Shreveport. That’s one thing I miss about living in the South. I used to drive EVERYWHERE.

Fast forward to living in the city, where I don’t even own a car, it’s a completely different story. In fact, neither Michael nor I own a car. I actually get asked quite often about what we do when we want to get out of town. Let me introduce you to Getaround!


I mentioned yesterday that we took a little road trip to Charlottesville last weekend. We used Getaround to get there! Getaround makes renting a car a breeze. Forget the hassle of dealing with an angry employee working behind the desk of your typical rental car service. Getaround is an app that’s easily accessible on your phone. The process of booking a car, picking up the car, and returning it is a breeze. When you open the app, it pulls your GPS location and locates a number of cars available to rent that are right around you. Once you find a car that you would like to rent, you enter your license and credit card numbers to book the car. Once it’s time for your trip, the app will provide you with step-by-step directions on where to locate the car and how to unlock it. It’s SO easy.

When I booked this car – her name is Black Velvet via the app 🙂 – there were tons of other cars available to rent right around my apartment. I chose this one because of its proximity to my place, but the cars around my neighborhood literally ranged from BMW SUVs to Honda four-doors to a Tesla. Booking the car was a breeze. Once it came time for our trip, I opened the app and received GPS and written instructions on where the car was located and how to unlock the car. I found the car with no problem and we were off! Once we made it back to DC, the app provided instructions on where to park the car. It was such a seamless process! I hear that if I go on holiday to Crete I should use something similar to e-mietwagenkreta. Apparently their services are just as seamless and hassle free!

I obviously used the app this go around for a longer road trip, but you can easily use the app to rent a car for shorter time periods. For example, Michael uses the service when he plays golf (carrying golf clubs onto the Metro is quite challenging). I’ll also be using it on an upcoming trip to Ikea!

Another perk about Getaround is that there is no membership fee, you only pay for the service when you’re using it.

To enjoy $20 off of your first trip, no matter if it’s a trip to the grocery store or a weekend getaway, enter the code COBALTCHRONICLES20 at checkout when booking!


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Thank you to Getaround for partnering up for this post!