May Recap, Look Ahead to June

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May seemed to fly by! I can’t believe it’ll be June by this time next week! June means it’s officially summertime in my book! Let’s take a look back at May and chat about the blog posts you loved, the items you clicked on the most, and more!

House Updates

Since our move in March, our new place has been slowly but surely coming together. You can read about my updates in April here! This month I picked up a few items, but mainly focused on getting pieces to hand on our walls. A few new items worth noting –

Kitchen Update // I added these placemats to our eat-in kitchen table and they made such a difference! The table actually looks finished with these beauties in place, and I like that it adds another layer to the space.

Patio Update // I’m excited to finally be able to make use of our back patio! I had a mishap with my outdoor rug order, but this one should be arriving this week. I also ordered this table and chairs set, and it’s perfect for the space! I’ll likely get new cushions for the chairs as the ones that came with the set are a bit flimsy, but the table and chairs themselves are really high quality!

Art/Wall Decor // This is where I really spent my time this month. I used Framebridge to frame a few pieces I have from a local DC artist, Marcella Kriebel for the kitchen. I also used Framebridge to re-frame an old print that needed an updated look. My sister-in-law is working on a few pieces for our living room, which I’m so excited about! You can check out her work here! I also picked out a print from my friend, Laura Metzler’s print shop – I ordered this one in a large size for our bathroom!

I’m still working on a new couch for the living room and filling the formal dinning room (it’s currently empty). Always a work in progress!


I spent the first full week of the month in San Francisco. I tagged along on a work trip with Michael and ended up setting up a couple of work meetings of my own while I was there. A few of our best friends live in SF, so it was fun to catch up with them as well while we were in town.

Michael and I spent a weekend in Baton Rouge with his family celebrating two graduations. It was a fun, low key weekend. Again, it’s so nice to be able to easily drive to spend weekends with family as opposed to hopping on a flight like we used to do when in DC.

On a bit more of an exciting note, we booked a big trip for the fall this month! We try to take at least one big trip every year. This year we’re going to Morocco and Portugal! We booked our flights this week. We scored round-trip business class flights, which were originally $2400 each, for $54 + 88,000 AmEx points each. I’m planning on writing an entire blog post on how we booked the flights for those of you that are curious.

Wellness Goals

Wellness is always something I’m working on and these posts are an easy way to not only keep myself accountable, but hopefully a place to share a bit of inspiration and a dose of reality as well.


I mentioned in my April recap that I was planning on incorporating more weight lifting in my workout routine. Every week this month, I’ve been heading to the gym in the morning with Michael to get in a weight lifting workout to start the day. I’ve been trying to make it there every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I’ve only missed one Friday so far!

In addition to the gym workouts, I’ve also still been incorporating SoulCycle. My goal is to make two Soul classes a week. If I’m in town, that’s usually doable. I also like to incorporate at least one yoga session, generally Hot Sonic 60, at YogaWorks every week too. Lately, Michael and I have been going on Friday evenings, which is such a great way to end the week/start the weekend!

Makeup & Skincare

I started a separate clean living Instagram account this month! It’s a space that I plan on sharing more about my clean living journey and a space that I hope we can all learn from each other on how to live cleaner, healthier lives! Come join the group if you haven’t already: @cobaltchroniclescleanliving

On the clean makeup front, I finally snagged the Flawless In Five set from Beautycounter this month! The Flawless In Five set is a bundled set of 6 makeup products that you can use to look put together and get out the door in under 5 minutes. I use all 6 products on a daily basis. You get to pick all of the shades and colors to match your skin and preference! It’s a great way to dip your toes into clean makeup products! The set I have is pictured below.

Flawless In Five
Dew Skin No. 3 | Volumizing Mascara | Blush in Guava | Brow Gel in Dark | Concealer Pen in Light | Lip Gloss in Blush Shimmer

Home Products

I mentioned last month that I switched out a few cleaning products in our home to natural cleaners. I’m still loving my homemade surface cleaner, glass cleaner, and laundry stain remover. I used my Thieves household cleaner to make all three.

If you’re interested in learning more about Thieves, you can pop over here to join Young Living and place an order for yourself! I’m in a Facebook group that has served as a great resource on how to make my own cleaning products from the Thieves cleaner (it’s super concentrated so I only use one cap full of the product to make most 8 ounce bottles of cleaner). I’m excited to start swapping out a few more household products to cleaner versions as I run out of products I’m currently using.

Most Read Blog Posts

I always find it interesting to see what you’re enjoying reading the most! This month’s most read posts were a mixed bag!

  1. 5 Tips on Getting Settled in a New City
  2. 5 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to Workout
  3. How to Style Everlane Wide Leg Chinos for Spring
  4. 3 Lessons Learned After One Year of Self Employment
  5. 5 Clean Makeup Must Haves for Spring

Most Clicked Items

Cobalt Chronicles | Everlane Sandals | Houston Style Blogger

Along with the most read blog posts of the month, I also wanted to share the most clicked items as well! This helps me to know what y’all are shopping for and what items are catching your attention the most! 

  1. Everlane Day Crossover Sandals (seen above)
  2. Everlane Linen Jumpsuit (full blog post here)
  3. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops (full blog post here)
  4. Rothy’s Sneakers
  5. Gorjana Sunburst Necklace

A Look Ahead to June

I’ll be out of town every other weekend in June! I’m excited for summer travels. I’ll be heading home to Shreveport and to Cleveland, Ohio for weddings and ending the month in Oxford, my college town, with a girls weekend – I can’t wait!

Cheers to summertime and the new month ahead!


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