New York, New York


We had a blast this past weekend in New York visiting friends.  We actually stayed across the Hudson in Hoboken and ventured into the city during the day.  We arrived on Friday night and headed straight to The Spotted Pig for dinner.  While we waited for our table, we snuck down the street and popped in Turks and Frogs, a dark and cozy little wine bar.  I’d highly recommend this strategy – Turks and Frogs was the perfect spot to grab a seat at the bar for a pre-dinner cocktail.  Upon everyone’s (literally every single one of our friends) recommendation, we ordered the burger at The Spotted Pig.  Holy moly.  The burger was cooked to perfection with ooey gooey cheese and topped with a mound of shoestring fries.  It was too dark in the restaurant for photos but check out their website and make a trip there soon!  It’s amazing.

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed over to Brooklyn.  I’ve always wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, but on past trips to NYC, I have never made it over there.  It was a GORGEOUS day in the city.  The bridge is amazing itself – top it off with views of the Hudson, the Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty, done.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC

Lunch at Boulton & Watt was the perfect pick-me-up after our long morning walking the bridge and the city.  Yes, we had beer and french toast.  We were on vacation after all.  I didn’t get any photos of the bar next door, but if you live in the area or are visiting and looking for a really cool space to grab a drink, check out Drexler’s next door.  The interior of the bar alone is enough reason to pop in for an evening cocktail.

NYCBoulton & WattBoulton & WattBoulton & Watt

After lunch, we stumbled upon the cutest coffee house, Mud, in the middle of a little gated park.  Seriously, how adorable is this spot?!  It’s tucked in between two streets and is only steps away from the busy, passing traffic, but it’s fully gated and with the overhang of trees, the cheerful umbrellas, and the whimsical little shack itself, you feel like you’ve escaped the city for a moment. And to top it off, their iced coffee was the best I’ve had in a while, maybe even ever!


The next morning we hung around Hoboken for coffee and strolled the streets for a bit.  It was the perfect pre-fall morning.  Hoboken is the cutest neighborhood.  There are brick walk-ups lining the streets and lots of local restaurants and yoga spots.  It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without being too far away.  We stopped by bwe kafe to grab a quick coffee and scone before heading into the city.  Super cute and cozy little spot to spend your morning.

Hoboken Hoboken

I’ve heard so many great things about The High Line that I had to go check it out.  The High Line is an out-of-use freight railway elevated above the streets of Manhattan that has been converted into a public park and walking trail.  It is so neat!  The walking trail is lined with different gardens and has beautiful views over the city streets and across the Hudson River.  There’s also a covered section of The High Line where street venders are set up to sell food and street art.  My friend that we were with raved about La Sonrisa’s empanadas so of course we had to try them out!  They were AMAZING.

The High LineThe High LineThe High LineThe High LineThe High LineThe High Line

Before we hopped on the train back to DC, we had to have one more meal.  Ha  Wild is located in the West Village and was the perfect spot to end the weekend.  I would highly recommend their pizzas – they are perfect for a lighter lunch since the crust is super thin and airy.

Wild NYCWild NYCWild NYC

We had the best time and can’t wait to get back to the city again soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!