Pros to Using Airbnb + A $40 Discount Code for Your Next Trip!

The Pros to using Airbnb Plus a Discount Code for Your Next Trip @cobaltchronicle

Michael and I are currently in the midst of nailing down our plans for our European travels this summer – Have I mentioned that we’re heading to Europe in May?! I’m so excited! I’ve been to Europe a couple of times, but it’s been a while.

If you read this post, you know I’m a big fan of using Airbnb while traveling. We’ve been scouring the site in an attempt to find cool spots to stay during our two week trip abroad. Not only is Airbnb a great resource when traveling outside of the U.S., we use Airbnb when traveling domestically as well. Today I thought I’d share the pros of using Airbnb with you!

Pros of Using Airbnb

You Feel Like a Local //

Most Airbnb properties are located in neighborhoods since most of them are apartments, townhouses, or stand alone homes. I love this feature of Airbnb. Being immersed in a neighborhood within the city that you’re visiting allows you to experience the culture of the town or city like a local. You’re able to check out more local restaurants, bars, and shops and really feel out the city.

You’re Dealing with a Local as Your Host //

On that same note, your host most likely lives in the same city (or at one time did) and will likely have great recommendations on things to do, places to visit, and the best restaurants in town. Unlike when you’re dealing with a hotel concierge who may get kickbacks for referring guests to specific restaurants (usually tourist traps), with Airbnb you are always in direct contact with the property owner. I’ve had amazing experiences with all of the owners that I’ve been in contact with, and in my opinion, this is what makes Airbnb 10 times better than staying at a hotel.

It’s Cost Effective, Especially with a Big Group //

Like I mentioned above, most Airbnbs are apartments, townhouses, or stand alone homes. With that said, it’s usually very easy to find a place that fits 4 or more guests. When traveling in a group, it’s always more fun to stay in one rental together as opposed to splitting up amongst different hotel rooms, and the cost can easily be split among all of the guests! If you are interested in having a slightly different experience when it comes to staying in an airbnb, then you might be interested in checking out this Treehouse Airbnb.

You Have More Space //

Since the property is usually someone’s home, you’re likely to have way more space than you would in a traditional hotel room. A kitchen, a patio, a porch … you get my drift!

Things to Consider When Booking an Airbnb

There are a few things you should keep in mind when renting an Airbnb. First, read the reviews! I always try to pick a property that has tons (10+) reviews with the overwhelming majority of those reviews being positive. You should also pay close attention to the location of the property. Since most properties are located in neighborhoods, they’re likely a little off the beaten tourist path. Just make sure the location is central enough so that you’re not bogged down by a commute each time you venture out. Lastly, remember that Airbnb properties are not hotels. No one comes to clean your room each day, there’s not a bar downstairs, no restaurants on site etc. You’re kind of on your own, but I LOVE this about Airbnb.

Sign up for Airbnb here and you’ll receive up to a $40 credit to use on your first stay!

(You have to sign up through the link to receive the discount!)

If you have any questions at all about Airbnb, let me know, I’m more than happy to help!


  1. This post was SO necessary. I’m heading to Boston in June and hotels are around $500….LIKE NO. Definitely looking into Airbnb! I’ll be sure to use the link too!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Posted 3.21.17
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Boo for those hotel prices, that’s ridiculous. And yay for trying out Airbnb! Fingers crossed you find a great little spot!

      Posted 3.21.17

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