Week In Review

(Raving about my new favorite button-up in the Favorite Things This Week section below.)

Another week of a nice mix of work and play! Love these types of weeks. There was a lot going on with the blog, and I was on Instagram Stories A LOT this week with the Beautycounter sale! Also a busy week for Contracts for Creatives as I’m heading to DC in a couple of weeks to host a workshop at DC Wedding Week – I’ve been prepping for that this week as well. Let’s dive into this week’s week in review!


On Monday I shared my last post in a series recapping my Arizona travels from February. I shared 6 Fun Things to Do in Mesa, AZ! I really loved exploring Arizona and definitely want to plan another trip there soon!

On most Mondays I try not to schedule any meetings, coffee dates, lunches etc. outside of my home-office. It’s my “get stuff done” day. So that’s exactly what I did on Monday! I spent most of my day at my desk with the exception of a quick walk around my neighborhood post-lunch. Working on upping my daily steps as I recently realized I’m not walking even a tenth of the amount I was walking everyday while living in DC!

And like most Mondays, I ended it at SoulCycle! SoulCycle actually has a challenge starting this coming Tuesday, their annual #TurnItUp challenge – check out the details here if you’re interested in being a part of it! I’m all in! DM me on Instagram if you’re doing it – we can keep each other accountable!


The Beautycounter sitewide sale started on Tuesday, and it’s still going strong! It ends on Monday. Definitely take advantage of the 15% off promotion! I shared all of my favorite Beautycounter products (skincare & makeup) in Tuesday’s blog post.

I’ve gotten Michael hooked on one of my new favorite workouts, Hot Sonic 60 at YogaWorks. It’s a hot yoga class that makes me sweat more than any other workout I’ve ever done! He joined me for class Tuesday evening. He’s generally a gym workout kind of guy so it’s fun to be able to go to this class together at least once a week!

I’m in a mastermind group led by Jess and Blair focused on Beautycounter, and we have bi-weekly calls. We had our call on Tuesday night – One reason I love being a part of Beautycounter is the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to meet through it. Not only Jess and Blair, but the other girls in our group too! If you’re looking for major health and wellness inspiration and want a glimpse of NYC living, check out Nora at @purely_nora – I’ve loved getting to know her through our Beautycounter group!


On Wednesday I shared My Clean Beauty Story. I had planned on publishing this post before I knew the Beautycounter sale was happening this week, so it ended up being a week heavy on clean beauty here on the blog! But regardless, I was excited to share how I got into clean beauty and why I believe it’s 100% worth the investment. I also shared a few actionable steps you can take to begin to incorporate clean beauty into your routine. It’s all about baby steps!

I got out of my house for a bit on Wednesday morning to meet Alex for coffee at Revival Market. I’ve followed Alex on Instagram for a while, and thanks to our mutual friend, Jenn, we were able to finally meet in person this week! It has been so much fun meeting more and more Houston bloggers. I have a feeling there will be many more coffee dates in our future! On another note, Revival Market was fantastic! They nailed the New Orleans latte I had! It also looked like a great place for lunch!

The weather in Houston has been fantastic this week so I took advantage and went for an hour-long walk Wednesday evening. Everyone keeps saying to take advantage of the spring temps before it gets unbearably hot … 😉


On Thursday I knocked out a full workday at home and squeezed in an afternoon run before meeting Kim and Brittany for happy hour at Postino. I’m so thankful for my DC blogger BFFs Katie and Jenn for introducing me to these two! The Blog Societies is the connecting factor between everyone. If you’re a blogger and looking to connect with other bloggers across the country, check out TBS. I’ve met so many people through their annual conferences!

Weekend Plans

Michael has been traveling for work this week and gets back in town today. We’ll likely lay low on Friday. I’m looking forward to checking out a local brewery on Saturday and perhaps checking out another new-to-me restaurant!

Favorite Things This Week

Perfect Button-Up // I found the perfect button-up for spring/summer! It’s so cute and flattering, comes in 5 different colors/prints, and it’s on sale for $33! The white version, pictured above, is a more traditional cotton material while the floral print is more flowy and silky. I’m wearing a size XS. I say that to let you know that this retailer is back to TTS sizing, no more tween sizing!

Ice Roller // Maybe my new obsession?! After reading Grace’s rave review, I knew I had to get my hands on this ice roller! Even if it didn’t live up to the hype, it’s only $12 so no sweat off my back. BUT IT’S AMAZING! I keep mine in the freezer and use it while enjoying my second cup of coffee. It’s supposed to help with reducing puffiness and generally help with lymphatic drainage.

Knot Headbands // If you’re interested in trying the new headband trend, but aren’t totally sold yet, scoop up this 3-pack set! I got them in this week, and they’re so cute! And they’re only $12 for the set! I’ll share a pic on Instagram Stories today so you can see them IRL!

Have a great weekend!