5 Skincare Products You Need Now

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Skincare has become so important to me over the past couple of years, and along with the seasons changing, my skincare routine changes throughout the year as well!  I’ll have a full springtime skincare favorites and routine post up for y’all soon (I’m currently trying out a product that I definitely want to include, but I need a little more testing time to make sure it’s 100% worth your money!), but in the meantime, I wanted to share five skincare products that you need NOW!

  1. First up is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream.  I LOVE this stuff!  I keep mine in the fridge and apply it in the mornings.  The cool cream feels amazing on my eyes, and it immediately de-puffs and reduces the dryness and redness around my eyes.  The texture is thick and creamy without being heavy or greasy feeling.  I’m a big fan of IT Cosmetics, and this is one of my favorite products of theirs!
  2. Next, Dermalogica’s new Superfolient.  The first time I used this product, I literally said WOAH out loud!  I use it as a mask.  It detoxes your pores and leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft!  It’s a powder consistency, but when you add water to it in your hand it turns into a clay-like substance that’s easily applicable to your face.  It’s amazing!  Also, if you don’t trust me, just check out all of the reviews on their site about the product! 🙂
  3. Third, a true addiction of mine – the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil.  This lip oil saved me this winter, and now I can’t live without it!  It’s definitely one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until I had it.  I actually have another bottle on its way to my apartment as we speak!  It’s so hydrating and heals my dry, chapped lips in a flash.  It’s perfect to put on over a lipstick or at night just before bed (my favorite time to use it).
  4. Another IT Cosmetics product makes the top 5 list!  The Confidence in a Cream is my go-to daily moisturizer.  I even hid the latest batch of it that I received because I’m attempting to try out a few other moisturizers from different skincare companies.  But it never fails, every single morning I end up sneaking into my spare beauty cabinet and using this cream!  The consistency is perfect for post-shower, pre-makeup.  It’s hydrating without being greasy and just works wonders!
  5. Lastly, my old standby, the M-61 PowerGlow Peels!  These make every skincare list that I ever compile (examples here and here!).  They’re just the best.  I’ve used them twice already this week.  The PowerGlow Peels are perfect to use after a long day – they just make my skin feel so clean and the active ingredients in the peel make my skin tingle a bit so I know the peel is definitely getting to work!  I use these post-cleanse, pre-moisturizer, mostly at night.  I love keeping a stash in my bathroom so I always have one on hand!



  1. Kara wrote:

    I am about to order all of this–I am a major product junkie and I love when people I trust give stuff great reviews! xoxo

    Posted 3.29.17
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Can’t wait to hear what you think! I re-buy all of these products, so I’m sure you’ll love them!


      Posted 3.29.17

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