6 Essentials for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

6 Essentials for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby!

Michael & I travel a lot with Weldon. We usually stay with family or friends or in a condo-type setup. We recently stayed in a traditional hotel for the first time with Weldon. After our stay, I complied this collage of six essential items that made our stay infinitely better, my essentials for staying in a hotel with a baby!

When staying in a hotel with a baby, unless you have a suite, you’re more than likely sharing one room with the baby. These items made the stay so much easier and manageable and helped to keep Weldon on his usual daily schedule too!

6 Essentials for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

Let’s jump into my 6 essentials for staying in a hotel with a baby!

Guava Travel Crib

The majority of the items I’m featuring relate to Weldon’s sleep setup. First and foremost, his travel crib. We have and love the Lotus Guava Travel Crib. It’s compact and easy to travel with via car or airplane. The accompanying travel bag has backpack straps, which makes it easy to transport. The crib is easy to set up and break down. We have these sheets (100% organic cotton) that fit perfectly. Weldon sleeps great in this crib!

Guava Lotus Travel Crib


To create a “blackout” sleep environment for naptime and nighttime sleep, we use the SlumberPod. Yes, it’s pricey for what it is, but it works! At home, I have blackout curtains hanging in Weldon’s room. He’s used to sleeping in the dark even during daytime hours. The SlumberPod not only creates a blackout sleep environment, it also creates separation between Michael and I and Weldon, which is super important when you’re sharing a hotel room with a baby. The SlumberPod creates a barrier so he can’t see us even when we’re in the same room. Michael usually handles putting the SlumberPod together – it’s similar to pitching a tent. It’s pretty simple and comes together quickly. It has vents on multiple sides of the tent, and if you’re still worried about ventilation, you can always leave the zipper a bit undone. Another perk of the SlumberPod is that there’s a pocket at the top specifically for a monitor. Our monitor (more details below) fits perfectly in the pocket.


VAVA Monitor

We travel with the same video monitor we use at home, the VAVA monitor. It does not rely on WiFi to work, which for travel is a MAJOR plus! Hotel WiFi is always spotty and hardly ever works with our other monitor (we also have the Owlet monitor, which relies on WiFi). This monitor fits perfectly in the SlumberPod monitor pocket and always works for us.


Portable Sound Machine

One last sleep essential, the portable sound machine! We use this same sound machine at home too for all naps and nighttime sleep. It’s small, easy to pack, and it’s loud (but not too loud). It drowns out all noises, which is especially helpful for baby when sleeping in a hotel room!


Portable Activity Center

This portable activity center is a life saver! It folds up, which makes it so easy to pack for travel. It allows us to put Weldon in a “container” for a few minutes (for example, it’s great when I need to get dressed). I love that it comes with a removable canopy too. I plan to take it on our upcoming beach trip to use by the pool and maybe at the beach too!


Travel High Chair

This high chair has come in so handy! Not only is it great for hotel stays when Weldon is eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner in our room, it’s also great for bringing to friends’ houses, the park, the beach, you name it! It’s a great little chair for him to sit in and eat or play. It folds down for small, which again, is great for packing!


I hope this post was helpful! These items really do make a world of difference! If you’re staying with an infant or toddler in the same hotel room anytime soon, I highly recommend these items and any items that will make your stay more manageable and enjoyable!


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6 Essentials for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby!