Top 5 Coffee Shops in The Heights Houston for Getting Work Done

Top 5 Coffee Shops in The Heights Houston for Getting Work Done | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger

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Running Cobalt Chronicles and Contracts for Creatives is my full time job. Most days I work from home, but I do try to get out of my home office at least once a week to work remotely at a coffee shop. I usually delegate Friday as my coffee shop day – a treat at the end of the week!

Michael and I live in the Heights neighborhood, about 10 minutes from downtown for those of you not familiar. As a result, I mostly hit up coffee shops in the Heights neighborhood. Today I’m sharing my top 5 coffee shops in the Heights Houston to get work done!

Top 5 Coffee Shops in The Heights

A 2nd Cup

A 2nd Cup is by far the coffee shop that I frequent the most to get work done. There are lots of seats, great WiFi, lots of outlets, and great coffee and food too! I always grab a latte and an a├žai bowl (so good!) as a treat while I’m working there.

Golden Bagels & Coffee

Michael and I frequent Golden Bagels & Coffee a lot on the weekends, but it’s also a great place for coffee meetings and working during the week. There are lots of tables, great WiFi, and the staff is super friendly. Their cold brew is the best I’ve had in Houston and their bagels are amazing! I like Golden’s food situation as it’s an easy place to grab breakfast or lunch while working.

EQ Heights

EQ Heights is located on busy Heights Boulevard. I love the vibes of EQ. There’s a real neighborhood feel here. There’s a constant stream of people in and out, a lot of whom the baristas know by name. But with that said, it’s not super loud here. There are different rooms where you can post up at a table with your laptop. WiFi is good and there are outlets along the walls. The cold brew here is great too, and I’m partial to the blueberry scones!

Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown Coffee is located on historic 19th Street in the Heights. It’s the first coffee shop I visited when we moved to Houston! Good WiFi, good vibes, and good coffee. It does get a bit crowded, so I’d recommend getting there early in the morning to grab a seat.


Morningstar shines as it doesn’t get too crowded. There are shaded tables outside where the WiFi still works perfectly. The iced coffee is good, but they’re known for their delicious donuts! Nothing like a good sugar rush to crank up the productivity!

Any Heights coffee shops I missed?! Share them below!