HydraFacial Review: 3 Reasons Why You Need a HydraFacial


I had my second HydraFacial earlier this week, and for the second time, I’m thoroughly impressed! When I first went, I didn’t know what to expect. So today I’m sharing my HydraFacial review plus three reasons why you need a HydraFacial!

I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist, Dr. Naga at SkinDC, a few months ago to put together a wedding-prep plan to get my skin looking its best for the big day. As part of the plan, she suggested that I get two or three HydraFacials prior to my wedding date.

I went in for my first appointment with Megan Keany at SkinDC in December. I didn’t know what to expect so Megan gave me the rundown. A HydraFacial includes several different steps all performed with a HydraFacial machine.

First, Megan used the machine to cleanse my skin and remove all of the dead skin. Second, the machine is used to exfoliate the skin and suck out all of the nasty stuff that’s clogging pores. Lastly, the skin is infused with intensive moisturizers and serums to hydrate the skin.

There’s minimal downtime after the HydraFacial. My face was a bit red, but nothing super out of the norm. One of the perks of the HydraFacial is that you can legitimately go on your lunch break and head back to work without anyone noticing!

Now that you know the gist of what goes down in a HydraFacial, let’s get into why you need one!

Evens Skin Tone

I have a lot of sun spots on my face. Freckles yes, but I also have larger spots on the sides of my face. There was a noticeable difference in the shade of my darker spots after having a HydraFacial. Improvements in skin tone are one of the major benefits of HydraFacials. According to SkinDC, HydraFacials provide a fresh and glowing appearance and most patients see improvements to skin tone and texture after a single treatment. I can certainly attest to this being true!

Smoother Skin

Along with evening out my skin tone, the HydraFacial leaves my skin feeling so smooth! It’s incredible. My skin feels smooth AND lifted after each treatment. Along with my skin looking smoother and fuller, my makeup goes on flawlessly after I’ve had HydraFacials. Another perk if you have a big event coming up!

Clears Pores and Hydrates Skin

I love using the HydraFacials as a way to detox my skin. The machine pulls out all of the nasty gunk from your pores and then fills the pores with serums and moisturizers to hydrate and plump the skin. If you’re needing any extractions done, Megan or your aesthetician can use the machine to take care of those as well!


I asked Megan for her advice on how I often one should have HydraFacials done. She said it is totally dependent on your skin type, but for me, I’m planning on going once every season (essentially, once a quarter). If you’re curious about cost, shoot me an email at cobaltchroniclesblog@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram, and I’ll send you a price sheet from SkinDC!

Thank you to Megan Keany at SkinDC for the wonderful HydraFacial services and a great experience!

Dr. Naga at SkinDC is my regular dermatologist who I’ve visited for years now. I did receive the HydraFacial services at a discounted rate in exchange for sharing my experience.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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