Morocco Packing List: 5 Essentials to Take

Morocco Packing List: 5 Essentials to Take | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Travel Blogger

We’re closing out our two week trip to Portugal and Morocco today. We’re likely currently on our flight from Lisbon back to Houston (through Boston) while you’re reading this! If you missed my Portugal packing list, check that out here! While in Morocco, we spent time in Marrakech and spent 3 days making our way to and from Erg Chebbi in the Sahara Desert. Morocco was more challenging to pack for as it has cultural norms that you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding what to bring to wear. The weather is also something you’ll want to make sure you check before packing. It can be VERY hot in Morocco, but it definitely gets chilly in the desert at night.

Today I’m sharing 5 essentials that I packed for Morocco!

Keep in mind that I packed in only carry on bags. I used the Away Everywhere Bag as my personal item and the Away Bigger Carry On as my main suitcase. I’ve had more than enough pieces to mix and match for our two week vacation! And I even brought along all of my favorite makeup and skincare products too! Definitely check out my Portugal packing list to see what else I brought along on our trip. Today I want to focus on Morocco specific items.

Morocco Packing List: 5 Essentials

Lightweight Scarf

I picked up this lightweight scarf right before we left. It came in so handy in Morocco! Culturally, most women in Morocco are completely covered as a result of it being a mostly muslim country. This scarf was great to throw over my shoulders if I was wearing a sleeveless top. It was very hot during the day, so this was the best option. I also used the scarf in the desert on our camel ride to cover my shoulders from the sun!

Neck Scarf

I used this neck scarf as a fun accessory with several different outfits throughout our two week trip. But it really came in handy in the Moroccan desert. I tied it around my neck to keep the sand out during our camel ride. It’s cute too!

Loose Pants

Again, most women are completely covered in Morocco. But it’s HOT! I brought along these comfy joggers to wear while traveling, but they were actually perfect for a day of exploring the Moroccan countryside. I also wore them on our camel ride (all part of the same day)! I highly recommend wearing some sort of loose fitting pants as the camel and the rugs under the saddle definitely rub against your legs during the ride.

Tank Top

This easy racer back tank was perfect for layering under my lightweight scarf, especially because of how hot it was during the day. It’s also an easy piece to quickly wash and hang dry while traveling, if needed (I didn’t have to do this, but it could be easily done).


If you read my Portugal packing list, you know I only packed four pairs of shoes for our two week trip. My Nike running shoesTretorn sneakers, flat ankle boots (similar), and a pair of flat sandals (same, different color). My Tretorn sneakers were the best purchase I made for this trip! They paired perfectly with dresses, jeans, and joggers! I wore these around Marrakech and during our time in the desert.

Bonus Item

Most hotels in Morocco have swimming pools because it’s so incredibly hot. I brought along one bathing suit, and I’m so glad I did! We spent a couple of afternoons poolside during our time there!

I’ll be sharing a full recap and itinerary of our time spent in Morocco soon, but I wanted to follow up my packing list post with a few essentials that came in super handy while visiting Morocco. If you’re making a trip to Morocco and have an packing questions, shoot me an email at! Happy to help.