Week In Review

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Everlane Alpaca Sweater (wearing small) | Amazon Goodthreads Jeans (wearing 27) | Golden Goose Sneakers (run TTS, wearing 37) | Kendra Scott Heart Necklace (new favorite everyday necklace)

Happy Friday! This week was my first full week back at work after a nice holiday break (I think that’s the case for most people). I hope you were able to ease back into your routine and have a productive week! As much as I love time off and traveling, it was so nice to be back working in my home office and back to my regular weekly tasks.

I did have one blip in my usual routine as I drove to Shreveport for one night to pick up my car (it had to have some work done on it over the holidays). That’s where the photo above was taken (thanks mom!). It was nice to be home at my parents house and see my family and friends even just for a day. That’s one really nice perk of living in Houston versus D.C. – being able to make the short 4ish hour drive to Shreveport!


New Year’s Goals: 5 Ways I’m Jumpstarting the New Year // For my first blog post of the new year, I shared 5 ways I’m jumpstarting 2020. This post really resonated with you as I received so many engaging and encouraging comments! I’m excited to hear that you are on board with some of the things I’m doing as well! It seems like a lot of you are aiming to swap out beauty and home products for clean, non-toxic products this year and also looking to cut down on single use plastics! This makes me so happy! I’m working on ways to incorporate these jumpstarts into some type of challenge here on Cobalt Chronicles so that we can all move forward on these goals together this year! Stay tuned!

10 Best Purchases in 2019 // I loved putting this post together! It made me think about the things I purchased in 2019 and what items I use everyday and the items that truly bring me joy! Check out the post!

10 Best Amazon Purchases In 2019 // Again, it was fun to look back on my Amazon purchases in 2019. For the most part, although Amazon can seem like an easy place to purchase unnecessary items on a whim, I use most of the items I purchased this year frequently! With the exception of a few items, of course, that were a waste (making an effort to cut that out this year). Check out the post!


It has felt so nice getting back into my workout routine after the holidays!

  • Monday: Weight workout at Anytime Fitness + SoulCycle
  • Tuesday: Travel day to Shreveport
  • Wednesday: SoulCycle
  • Thursday: Weight workout at Anytime Fitness
  • Friday: Vinyasa Flow at YogaWorks


Another part of my routine I missed over the holidays was listening to my weekly podcasts! I played catchup this week. Here’s what I listened to:

Bad on Paper Podcast: New Year, Same Us: Reflecting on 2019 and Setting Goals for 2020!

The Skinny Confidential: How To Master Essentialism With Best Selling Author Greg McKeown – The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less

How I Built This: Luke’s Lobster: Luke Holden and Ben Conniff

Be There in Five: Under the Influencer (with Jenn Lake)

Things to Note

Discount Codes

I currently have a few discount codes for some of my favorite services and products. I share these on Instagram Stories often (and try to save them in my highlights), but I figured I’d share them here too in case you missed them!

Rent the Runway Unlimited // You likely know I love RTR Unlimited, it’s the best! Weddings, wedding parties, winter trips, you name it, the Unlimited service is great! Use code RTRASHLEE for $200 off a 2 Month Trial ($100 off your first and second month) of RTR Unlimited. That’s more than a 60% discount!! I love using RTR Unlimited! You can read all about my experience with the service here!

Winc Wine // I’ve been using Winc, a wine delivery service, for the last few months (although I’m taking a break for Dry January). I love that they essentially pick out wines for you, based on a fun quiz, and ship them straight to your door! I usually end up switching a bottle or two out for something I’ve been specifically wanting to try, which you can totally do too! You can use my link to get $22 off your first order, which equals out to $39 for 4 bottles of wine! Click here to place your order: winc.mivh.net/cobalt

Equilibria CBD // I dipped my toes into the world of CBD in 2019, and I finally found a CBD company that I really trust, and I ‘m excited to be partnering with them. Equilibria is a women owned CBD company based in Chicago. I’ve use the pain relief cream on my hips and calves and other sore muscles after workouts and also used it recently for the first time for period cramps (it really worked!). One of the things I love most about Equilibria is that when you make a purchase, you are put in touch with a dosage specialist who can help you figure out what CBD dosage is best for you and your needs! They have a handful of products like daily drops and gel caps so that you can choose what’s best for you. You can use code cobaltchronicles for 15% off your first order!

Daily Harvest// My go-to, easy to make, at-home smoothies! These are great and so convenient! I love that they help me to mix up my smoothie game. When I’m left to my own devices, I tend to make the same combination smoothie day after day. Use code COBALT for $25 off your first order!

Territory Foods // (Still) BREAKING NEWS! Territory now delivers in Houston! (I’m really working on getting all of my DC favorites to Houston … so far I’ve succeeded with Sweetgreen and now Territory!). The BEST already prepared, meal delivery service! Use my code – COBALT – for $50 off across your first two orders ($25 off each order). I love using Territory when I know I have a busy week ahead or when Michael is traveling. The meals are already prepared, delicious, and healthy too!


The first few weeks in January always seem to be slower on the social front, which I’m not mad about at all! And since we’re doing Dry January, I’m more inclined to have a relaxing and productive weekend. We have a low key weekend on tap.

Michael and I signed up for a yoga class at YogaWorks to end the week Friday evening. We’ll likely try out a new to us restaurant on Saturday night (our Houston list is still so long!). Besides that, I plan on doing a few things around the house like repotting some of my house plants that seem to have outgrown their pots and other random tasks.

I’ll be out of town the next two weekends in a row, so I’m looking forward to staying put in Houston this weekend!


A few of my favorite things this week!

R+Co. Dry Shampoo // I shared this product on Instagram Stories last week when R+Co. kindly sent me a few of their products to try. I really LOVE this dry shampoo! I’m usually team Living Proof, but I love how the R+Co. one smells, and I love the light texture it adds to my hair. If you’re looking for a new dry shampoo to try out, definitely give this one a shot!

T3 Curling Wand // I received this curling wand for Christmas, quite the upgrade from my 15-year old Conair. It is awesome and totally worth the hype! I shared and saved a highlight tutorial on how I use it to create waves in my hair on my Instagram page. This was my first full week to use the wand. I’m not sure if it’s because of the material it’s made of or because of the temperature, but the curls in my hair stay for the longest time! I can even sleep on them and then just retouch in the morning with a bit of dry shampoo. It’s awesome!

Stasher Bags // I mentioned these in my New Year’s Goals: 5 Ways I’m Jumpstarting the New Year blog post. I purchased a bundle of these silicone storage bags during the holidays. They are an awesome replacement for ziplock bags! I use mine daily to store veggies in the fridge, for Michael’s at-work lunches, and I use them to pack snacks or vitamins for travel too!

Have a great weekend!