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Happy Friday!  I’m so excited not only because it’s Friday, but because Michael and I will both be in town this weekend!  It’s my first full week/weekend not traveling in a while.  I’m excited to lay low and hang out with friends here in D.C. this weekend.  But before we get to the weekend, let’s take a look back at this week!

Be sure to check out the Out of Office section at the bottom of today’s post!  I’m taking next week off from posting here on the blog … the blog is getting a facelift!  Hooray!


On Monday, here on the blog, I shared a recap of September, including all of my travels, plus a sneak peek of what’s to come this month!

I spent most of the day catching up on life since I was out of town from Sunday-Sunday the week before.  I did squeeze in a morning SoulCycle class, which was a nice way to get back into my routine!

I also started intermittent fasting on Monday!  I’m doing to the 16/8 method.  I fast for 16 hours, between the hours of 8:30/9:00pm – 12:30/1:00pm and eat between 1:00pm – 9:00pm.  I mentioned it in Monday’s post.  Here’s another article I came across this week diving deeper into the benefits of IF.  I’m only nearing the end of week one, so I don’t have much to share just yet.  But I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my experience as I progress!


Fall wedding season is upon us!  On Tuesday I shared a roundup of dresses to wear as a wedding guest this fall.

I headed to a lunchtime solidcore class on Tuesday.  Solidcore is still the hardest workout class I’ve ever taken.  It never gets easier, but I love the challenge (and the soreness post-class).

Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of joining Zola at The Wing to speak on a panel with Jen about Wedding Planning 101.  It was such a fun night of conversation!  I loved hearing everyone’s different experiences with the wedding planning process.

If you missed my post about my love for Zola, check it out here!


On Wednesday I shared my favorite Amazon purchases from the month of September.  I’ve snagged quite a few good pieces from Amazon lately!  The price points are too good to pass up!

I had a couple of coffee meetings on Wednesday, including one at the newly opened Eaton downtown.  The Eaton is a hotel with a large coffee shop and restaurant.  It’s a really cool space, and a great space to work!

Wednesday evening Michael and I had the pleasure of previewing the new fall menu at recently opened City Winery.  I’m excited about this new spot in the Ivy City neighborhood of DC!  It’s a huge, unique space that’s really focused on featuring local wines, beers, spirits, and locally sourced food.


I squeezed in another lunchtime solidcore class on Thursday and ended the day with a revival of Supper Club at Monica’s.  Supper Club was a pretty regular thing about a year ago, and somehow we (Jenn, Kristyn, Laura, Katie, Monica, and I) fell off the wagon!  It was fun to all get together – Supper Club is officially back!

Weekend Plans

I’m closing out the week with a podcast interview with the ladies of A-Cup Podcast (I’ll let you know when it’s live!) and a SoulCycle date with Jackie Friday afternoon.

Michael and I’s friends here in DC are throwing a little get together for us to celebrate our engagement this weekend.   I’m so thankful for all of the friends we’ve made here in the city over the past four years, and I’m excited to celebrate with them this weekend!  Other than that, I’m planning on laying low, watching lots of football, and enjoying being in town!

Favorite Things This Week

Nespresso Machine // With the intermittent fasting, my Nespresso machine has been my best friend this week!  Consuming under 50 calories is not considered “breaking your fast” so I still get to have my coffee in the mornings … thank goodness!

Loeffler Randal Knotted Heels // I’ve been eyeing these heels since the day they came out a couple of months ago.  I’m a huge Loeffler Randal fan, but it’s definitely a brand that’s out of my normal price range.  I scored this pair on major discount at the end of the summer (they’re still available AND still on sale!).

When I saw the Knotted Heels included in the Saks 25% off Friends and Family Sale this week, I knew I had to snag them!  I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket AND my new American Express Platinum Card has a Saks associated benefit – I receive a $50 Saks credit twice a year (see all the benefits of the AMEX Platinum and compare the card with other similar credit cards here!).  So I bit the bullet.  All in all, I paid $22 for a roughly $400 pair of shoes!  I’d call that a major win.

Out of Office

There will be no new posts next week!  I’m taking a week off from posting here on the blog so that I can work my magic behind the scenes to give the blog a little TLC and a new look!  I’m excited for a refresh!  I’ll be back with new content for you on Monday, October 15th!