What to Pack for a Ski Trip (In Only a Carry-On!)

What to Pack for a Ski Trip (In Only a Carry-On!) | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC | Travel Blogger
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Away Bigger Carry On Bag

Packing for a cold weather trip is always tricky, especially one that involves a sport that requires lots and lots of puffy layers! ¬†Michael and I are heading to Park City later this week so we teamed up to share what we’re packing for our trip – in ONLY a carry-on bag! ūüôā

Michael is covering the guys and I’m here for the gals so if you’re traveling with your guy, be sure to check out his post too!

My number one tip for packing in only a carry-on for any trip is to plan out your outfits. ¬†With that in mind, I’m going to break it down into different activities you’re likely to be taking part in on a ski trip to conquer the packing.

What to Pack for a Ski Trip (In Only a Carry-On!)

Travel Clothes 

I like to wear jeans, a tee, a sweater, and a scarf for travel days. ¬†For ski trips, I always wear my biggest coat on the plane and a pair of boots if I need to save room in my suitcase. ¬†If not, I’ll wear sneakers or booties.

Ski Gear

I usually only plan on skiing for three-ish days so here’s what I pack: ski jacket, ski pants, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 dri-fit long sleeve tops, 1 puffer vest, 2 sports bras, a beanie, ear warmer headband, ski gloves, ski socks, goggles, knee pads (snowboarding must), sneakers.

Après Ski 

One thing you NEVER want to forget when going on a ski trip is your bathing suit! ¬†Most ski resorts (and Airbnbs) have a hot tub. ¬†There’s nothing better than a post-ski dip with a beer in hand!

Post-Mountain Dinner Plans 

I like to keep it casual when going out for dinner post-skiing. ¬†Jeans, flat boots, 3 sweaters, and a nicer coat (an alternative to the ski jacket) usually do the trick. ¬†Along with a pair of flat boots, I always bring a pair of snow boots in case it’s slushy and just easier and more practical to wear those out and about.


I’m not going to list out all of my toiletries here – you can check out my Travel Toiletry Necessities post for all the details, but three toiletries that people often forget for ski trips are moisturizer, chap stick, and sunscreen! ¬†The wind, cold, and sun can do a doozy on your skin so make sure you’re prepared.

Bottom line, keep it simple.  You need clothes to ski in, clothes to lounge in, and casual clothes for dinner.