Why I’m Practicing Social Distancing and Social Isolation

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Collective deep breath in and deep breath out. 🙂 We made it through the weekend. And things have changed yet again since I published my Week In Review post on Friday. It goes without saying, I’m in no way here to insight panic or anxiety, I’m just sharing what I’m doing in an attempt to play my part in not adding to the chaos. And I hope you’ll consider doing the same. It’s important.

With all of the uncertainty right now, the best thing we can do is stay calm and heed the advice of the experts. We can do our part by practicing social distancing and staying home, if at all possible. What is the harm in skipping that dinner date, lunch date, errand? Cook at home, check lingering to-do tasks off your list around your house and in your lawn. Watch a movie, read a book, bake a cake. And please, please, please – stop going to bars. Have a glass of wine at home and Facetime your friends.

If you have kids, I’ve seen SO MANY resources online shared by my mom blogger friends with tons of ideas on how to entertain kids while they’re out of school (this isn’t a snow day, don’t plan play dates) – a quick Google search should pull some ideas up. A couple of ideas I’ve seen that might be helpful:

3 Articles on Why Social Distancing is Important




Why I’m Practicing Social Distancing

Since Friday evening, Michael and I have been at home practicing social distancing and social isolation. We’ve been going on short walks around our neighborhood to get fresh air, but even then, we’ve crossed the street to avoid coming in close contact with others who are out and about. To put it simply, I’m trying to do my small part to help “flatten the curve” – Give the articles linked above a quick read if you’re not sure what “fatten the curve” means and why it’s important. While I think I’ll be fine if I do happen to catch coronavirus, I do not want to be any part of the spread of the deadly virus. No dinner plans, lunch dates, errands, and certainly no bar meetup is worth spreading the virus and overloading our healthcare system. A lot of people think dating is ok at the moment if they take preventative measures. Well let me tell you, it’s not. Check out the ‘COVID19: Will condoms protect me?‘ section of that article for more information. Let’s all think about our community, our neighbors, the elderly, those with preexisting conditions, and those with compromised immune systems, and not just ourselves. Stay home if you’re able.

Kelly from Kelly In the City had a great exercise to simplify why self quarantining, social isolation, and staying home are important for the foreseeable future … Answer these next few questions, please 🙂 In regards to …

  • Protecting the elderly: PRO or AGAINST
  • Protecting those with preexisting conditions: PRO or AGAINST
  • Protecting those with compromised immune systems: PRO or AGAINST

AWESOME! If you’re PRO in regards to any of those questions (let’s hope all), if it’s possible, self quarantine and stay at home. Don’t be selfish, be selfless. Actions speak louder than words. We’re all in this together. Let’s do our part (it’s a small part – just stay home).

And that’s why I’m choosing to practice social distancing and social isolation.

Michael is fortunate in that his physical office is closed for now, everyone is working remotely. So we’ll be working from home and staying home for the foreseeable future. Hop on over to Instagram where I’m sharing our day and how we’re filling our time at home on Stories!

Sending all of the calm vibes your way! Stay healthy (and sane) friends!


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