2018 Travel Update: Where I’ve Been + Where I’m Heading

2018 Travel Update | Where I've Been + Where I'm Heading | Cobalt Chronicles | Washington, DC Travel Blogger
Park City, Modena, Sacile, Sacile

Since we’re almost half way through the year, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back at my travels so far in 2018 + glance ahead to trips that I still have planned for the year in this week’s #CobaltChroniclesTravels post!

You may remember this post from way back in January where I shared my 2018 Travel Bucket List.  I’ve checked a few places off the list and have a few trips planned to places that didn’t make the original list!

Where I’ve Been

I started the year off slow, travel wise and didn’t head anywhere until the middle of February.  Michael and I joined friends in Park City, UT for a ski trip over Presidents’ Day weekend.  Utah was a new state for me to check off of my bucket list!

I kicked off March with a weekend trip to New Orleans for a wedding.  The weather in Nola was absolutely amazing (coming from frigid DC).  If you’re thinking about a New Orleans trip, definitely consider going in March!

April was the best travel month so far this year.  Michael and I visited Italy and stopped in Sacile, Parma, Modena, Bologna, and Rome.  I’m already dreaming of making another trip to Italy!

Besides a quick weekend trip to NYC, I stayed put in May because Michael and I had lots of family visiting the district.

My summer travel is really picking up this month!  I just got back from a long weekend in Oxford, MS (where I went to college) for a fun collaboration with Graduate Hotels (more to come!).  I have two more trips planned this month, but since they’re on the horizon, I’ll end here with where I’ve been  and jump right into where I’m heading!

Where I’m Heading

I’m so excited for a family beach trip in a couple of weeks!  My family goes to Destin, FL every year for summer vacation.  It’s always such a relaxing week, and a trip I look forward to every year!

At the end of the month and for the Fourth of July holiday, Michael and I are meeting friends out west to spend a long weekend in Frisco, Colorado!  I’m so excited for this trip!  I’ve never been out west during the warmer months, only for skiing in the winter.  I can’t wait to have a nice relaxing, outdoor filled few days!

August is turning out to be a heavy travel month.  I’m traveling to Atlanta to host a workshop at The Blog Societies Conference followed by a few days in Birmingham, AL.  I lived in Birmingham before I moved to DC so I’m heading there for a few days to catch up with friends!

I have a tentative trip on the books to head to Sea Island, GA towards the end of August, which I’m really excited about because I’ve never been!

I’ll be closing out the summer spending Labor Day weekend with Michael’s family in Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley.  Lake Tahoe is a new-to-me city, and I’m excited to get back to Napa – I’ve been once and it was one of my favorite trips ever!

Michael and I have had Portland, OR on our bucket list for a while, and we’re finally making a trip there this fall!  I love Seattle so I’m interested to see how Portland compares!

The rest of the year (October – December) is pretty open right now.  A few trips that are in the works but not yet on the calendar are St. Kitts, San Francisco, The Bahamas, Alys Beach/Rosemary Beach …

Have you been anywhere fun this year?!  What’s on your upcoming travel agenda?!


  1. Abby Slaton wrote:

    Sea island is one of our favorites!

    Posted 6.12.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      I hope that trip works out! It looks beautiful!

      Posted 6.12.18
  2. Emily wrote:

    Agreed. Sea Island is AMAZING. So relaxing!

    Posted 6.12.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Yay! Sounds like my kind of place!

      Posted 6.12.18
  3. Lisa wrote:

    I LOVE Portland! I think it’s a pretty similar vibe to Seattle, only a more manageable size city and less crowded. I really felt like I needed more time to explore Seattle, where a few days is enough in Portland (but there’s also enough to do that you’d never get bored staying for longer). Be prepared to eat as all the food is amazing. If you have time, it’s worth renting a car and taking the scenic route to Multnomah Falls. Canon Beach is worth a day trip too! Hit me up if you need recs — I have plenty!

    Posted 6.12.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Ah so many good recommendations! I’m so excited for Portland! I love that it’s more manageable than Seattle! Can’t wait to visit! Thanks for the recs!

      Posted 6.12.18
  4. Jas wrote:

    OOo I’m originally from Seattle and semi new to the DC area and Portland is a different vibe.
    Check out:
    Pok Pok
    Mother’s Bistro
    Blue Star Donuts—better then VooDoo (google Blue Star donut social media sign) it’ll speak to you and the perfect photo op spot 🙂

    The Nines is a great hotel to stay at & plan to shop!! It’s all tax free and there is some great shopping in the city and at outlets. It’s a great time to grab big items (designer, apple, etc)

    Posted 6.27.18
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Thanks so much for all of the recommendations!! Can’t wait to visit Portland!

      Posted 6.28.18

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