Wedding Beauty Prep: Microblading

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Thank you to Dollistic for providing complimentary services.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I’m a huge proponent of Microblading, as are many people I follow on social media.

If you’ve never heard of microblading or you’re unsure about the details of the procedure, check out my original post, What is Microblading?! My Experience with Microblading, and my follow-up post, An Update on my Microblading Experience.

Leading up to my wedding, I did a few things to make sure my skin (and face in general) looked its best for the big day. I didn’t do anything too drastic, just a little upkeep here and there. One of the things that I made sure to add to my wedding beauty prep was a microblading touch up!

Timing of Microblading for Wedding Beauty Prep

One thing to keep in mind when getting your brows microbladed is that it does take some planning. There’s a healing period and process after each procedure. I also had to make sure the timing of my touch-up session fit in with a few other procedures I had done prior to my wedding (HydraFacials in particular!). Meagan, my go-to microblading artist at Dollistic, helped me plan when to come in for the touch up.

I went in for my touch up one month in advance of my wedding. If you’ve never had your eyebrows microbladed, I’d recommend getting them done for the first time at least six months prior (Meagan can give you specifics on what she recommends). You’ll need time for the ink to settle and for a touch up session.

Having my touch up one month prior to my wedding allowed my brows to heal and fade a tiny bit prior to my wedding date.

Touch Up Session

The touch-up session was similar to the session that I described in this post.

A touch-up session takes less than 30 minutes!  (The first session takes about three hours.)  As long as you don’t let the microblading completely fade and take care of the color (always apply SPF), there are still strokes there to work with. The touch-up only serves to add more definition to the brows and fill them in a bit.

For the touch-up process, Meagan first applied numbing cream, then outlined my new brow shape, and after the numbing cream set in, she began the microblading process.

The Results

I’ve been so pleased with the results and would recommend the procedure to anyone looking to enhance the shape and density of their eyebrows!  It’s so nice waking up with them already done. This was especially nice for my wedding week as we spent the week in The Bahamas where I only wore makeup at night. Also SO nice for our honeymoon in Hawaii too!

Dollistic recommends coming in once a year for a touch-up session or as needed. For full before and after photos be sure to check out my original blog post on my microblading experience!

For more information from the professionals, check out Dollistic’s site for FAQs and tons of details on pre and post care instructions.

Discount Code!

Meagan at Dollistic is offering a 20% discount for first time clients! All you have to do is mention my name and/or Cobalt Chronicles when booking your first appointment!

Thank you to Dollistic for providing complimentary services.