Week In Review

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Sweater from SoSis (sold out) | Levi’s Denim (TTS, no stretch) | Golden Goose Sneakers (TTS, wearing 37, usually wear size 7)

Happy Friday and Happy Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday is this coming week – I’m in Shreveport this weekend for a couple of parades. Let the good times roll!

I hope you had a productive week! I made the drive to Shreveport early this (Friday) morning. Anytime I’m heading out of town for the weekend, the week leading up to it always seems hectic, trying to get everything wrapped up before I’m away. This week was no different. But I finished up all of my to-dos, so I’m excited to spend time with my fam and friends this weekend!

This Week’s Blog Posts

My Morning Coffee Essentials // I shared all the details on my coffee routine! The Nespresso machine I love + the supplements and vitamins I take every morning!

How I Booked $500 Roundtrip Business Class Tickets to Prague // Michael and I scored super cheap tickets for our 2020 Europe trip! The original price was around $3,500, and we scored them for $500! Check out the post to see step-by-step how we did it!

UPDATED: Intermittent Fasting // I’m back on the intermittent fasting train so I updated my original post with how I’m incorporating it in my current lifestyle.

3 Easy Protein Smoothie Recipes // Protein smoothies are one of my favorite afternoon snacks! I shared 3 of my favorite go-to protein smoothie recipes in this post!

Weekly Workouts

This week’s workouts …

  • Monday: SoulCycle
  • Tuesday: Day off
  • Wednesday: SoulCycle
  • Thursday: Day off (meant to get a weight workout in, but didn’t prioritize it)
  • Friday: Long Walk

Podcast Recs

Here’s what I listened to this week!

The Rich Roll Podcast: Gregg Renfrew Leads The Clean Beauty Movement

Bad on Paper Podcast: Taylor Lorenz on Internet Culture, Influencers, Trolls, and TikTok

Midlife Matters: Social Media Influencing with Alley Leto (My friend Alley, a local Houston blogger! A great listen!)

Second Life: Katie Sturino: Megababe Founder and CEO, Influencer, and Body-Positivity Advocate

A Drink with James: 5 tactics to improve engagement (and prevent fake engagement)

The Skinny Confidential: Ben Greenfield On Fasting, Diet, Better Sleep, Nutrition, Dirty Electricity, & Good Vs. Bad Light

Be There In Five: BRIDE TRIBE (Part 1)

Things to Note: Sales & Discount Codes

Nike Joyride Sneakers // My Nike sneakers are on sale! Under $100. I picked these up a few weeks ago for the gym and running. I size up in athletic sneakers one size. Usually I’m a size 7, I went with a size 8 in these.

Beautycounter promotion: Receive a FREE full-size product when you purchase any regimen or collection.

I use a mix of Countermatch and Countertime.

I’m a Beautycounter consultant – feel free to email me with any Beautycounter/clean beauty questions – always happy to chat (ashlee@cobaltchronicles.com)! And you can always shop Beautycounter with me here: https://www.beautycounter.com/ashleehightower

New Rent the Runway Unlimited discount code for you! Use code RTRASHLEE for $100 off your first month! It ends up being $59 for your first month! I love using RTR Unlimited! You can read all about my experience with the service here! The details: Pick 4 pieces from the Unlimited selection, rotate the 4 pieces whenever you choose, RTR covers the cost of shipping, returns, insurance, and dry cleaning.

Everlane Modern Loafers (almost) 50% OFF // Still in stock! Sadly, Everlane is retiring the first shoe it ever released. But the good news, they’re almost 50% off right now! And still in stock! I’ve had my pair of the Modern Loafers for almost 5 years! I purge my closet A LOT, so that’s saying something! They are the PERFECT loafer for work. The quality is amazing and they’re super chic. They run TTS and take about a week to break in (I kept mine at my office when breaking in and just wore them around during the day). Don’t miss your last chance to grab these beauties before they’re gone!

I currently have a few discount codes for some of my favorite services and products. I share these on Instagram Stories often (and try to save them in my highlights), but I figured I’d share them here too in case you missed them!

Winc Wine // I’ve been using Winc, a wine delivery service, for the last few months. I love that they essentially pick out wines for you, based on a fun quiz, and ship them straight to your door! I usually end up switching a bottle or two out for something I’ve been specifically wanting to try, which you can totally do too! You can use my link to get $22 off your first order, which equals out to $39 for 4 bottles of wine! Click here to place your order: winc.mivh.net/cobalt

Equilibria CBD // I dipped my toes into the world of CBD in 2019, and I finally found a CBD company that I really trust, and I ‘m excited to be partnering with them. Equilibria is a women owned CBD company based in Chicago. I’ve use the pain relief cream on my hips and calves and other sore muscles after workouts and also used it recently for the first time for period cramps (it really worked!). One of the things I love most about Equilibria is that when you make a purchase, you are put in touch with a dosage specialist who can help you figure out what CBD dosage is best for you and your needs! They have a handful of products like daily drops and gel caps so that you can choose what’s best for you. You can use code cobaltchronicles for 15% off your first order!

Daily Harvest// My go-to, easy to make, at-home smoothies! These are great and so convenient! I love that they help me to mix up my smoothie game. When I’m left to my own devices, I tend to make the same combination smoothie day after day. Use code COBALT for $25 off your first order!

Territory Foods // (Still) BREAKING NEWS! Territory now delivers in Houston! (I’m really working on getting all of my DC favorites to Houston … so far I’ve succeeded with Sweetgreen and now Territory!). The BEST already prepared, meal delivery service! Use my code – COBALT – for $50 off across your first two orders ($25 off each order). I love using Territory when I know I have a busy week ahead or when Michael is traveling. The meals are already prepared, delicious, and healthy too!

Weekend Plans

I’m in Shreveport for the weekend to celebrate Mardi Gras! I’m excited to be home with my fam this weekend. Shreveport has two parades this weekend – Gemini on Saturday evening and Highland during the day on Sunday. I’ll be at both! Follow along on Stories!

My Favorite Things this Week

A few of my favorite things this week!

Everlane Leggings // It’s been rainy and dreary in Houston all week. I’ve been living in athleisure wear working from home. I love this pair of Everlane leggings – the bright color (I have Brandy Rose) is the perfect way to brighten up an otherwise gross day. For sizing reference, I’m 5’4″ and the ankle length hits me like a full length pair normally would. I have a size small. See me wearing them here for reference.

Lake Pajamas (On Sale!) // Again, with the dreary weather, I’ve been ready to put my PJs on immediately after getting home from my evening workout and post-shower. My all-time favorite pajamas have been getting some major wear this week! Lake PJs are the softest, most comfy pajamas I own. For sizing reference, I wear a size small.

Have a great weekend!