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Amazon Sunglasses ($15) | cabi Serenity Tee (wearing XS) | cabi Joggers (last season) | Aerosoles Leopard Sandals (TTS)

Happy Friday! And Happy May! Holy cow, how is it May?! January crept by, February was February, March was not real life, and April somehow just vanished (maybe because everyday felt the same). Michael and I hit day 50 of quarantine today. Texas is actually attempting to start reopening this morning. We’ll be staying home, but I’m interested to see what that will look like.

I hope you had a nice week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead. I’ve pretty much run out of home tasks to do so I’m planning on having a productive work weekend this weekend. I’m focusing on a few items that are always on my second to do list – that list of running items that I never get to during the actual work week.

Let’s jump into this week’s Week In Review!

This Week’s Blog Posts

April 2020 Amazon Favorites // I rounded up my favorite Amazon purchases from the month of April! It’s easy to see what I’ve been up to over the past month just via my Amazon favorites. 😉 Cooking, cleaning, reading, and at home workouts!

Easy Weeknight Lasagna Recipe // I shared my easy weeknight lasagna recipe. It’s delicious and pairs perfectly with my Easy Homemade Bread!

April Recap, Look Ahead to May // My monthly recap post! The blog posts you read the most, the best sellers of the month, plus lots more!

Weekly Workouts

This week’s workouts …

Since we’ve moved to strictly at-home workouts, I’ve been sharing my workouts daily on Instagram Stories. I saved them all to a highlight on my Instagram page if you need some inspiration! Most are short 30 minute workouts, easy to squeeze in!

This week, Michael and I did Orangetheory workouts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They’re free and viewable on YouTube! We’ve been doing Orangetheory almost every weekday. We finish each workout with a quick run around the block! Shockingly, it has only rained out our run 1 morning of our entire 50 day quarantine!

Today (Friday), Michael and I are streaming a yoga class from the studio we attend here in Houston, Yoga Works. You can check out the schedule here: https://www.yogaworks.com/classes/live/

We’ve also been taking numerous short walks around our neighborhood during the day to break up the days. And we’ve been adding in long walks over the weekend – usually at least one 1-hour walk.

Podcast Recs

I finished Jessica Simpson’s audio book, Open Book, this week! She narrates it. It’s SO GOOD. Even if you’re not a huge Jessica Simpson fan, it’s worth a read or listen. Once I finished that, I was able to hop back on my podcast train. I listened to 2 recap pods on the book. LOL – I recommend picking one and going with Be There in Five’s recap!

Here are the episodes I listened to this week:

Be There in Five: BONUS: Jessica Simpson’s Memoir Review (with Hitha Palepu)

Bad on Paper Podcast: Bonus: Discussing Jessica Simpson’s Memoir (with guest Katie Sturino)

Be There in Five: Influence in the time of COVID-19 Part I (with BuzzFeed’s Stephanie McNeal) – Highly recommend listening to this if you’re even a tad interested in influencer culture!

Discount Codes

Territory Food Delivery // Territory has been a GOD SEND! Don’t get me wrong, I like to cook, but after cooking every single meal at home for 40+ days in a row, I was looking for a break. Territory meals are prepared locally and delivered straight to your doorstep! They’re healthy and already cooked, all you have to do is warm them up! We had Territory meals for dinner three nights this week! It was so nice not having to cook or clean up afterwards! Use my code – COBALT – for $50 off across your first two orders ($25 off each order).

Whisk Dessert Bar // Ship sweet treats straight to your doorstep or send to a friend to brighten their day! My friends at Whisk started Pinpals as a way to spread a little joy with delicious baked goods! Get half off your first month subscription (brining it to $10!) with code COBALT50! They also have a Mother’s Day box that you can ship anywhere in the US!

Winc Wine // Wine delivered straight to your door! You can use my link to get $22 off your first order, which equals out to $39 for 4 bottles of wine! Click here to place your order: winc.mivh.net/cobalt

Branch Basics: 10% off a Starter Kit with code COBALT – The best non-toxic household cleaning supplies! Check out my review here!

Equilibria CBD // I really like the relief cream! Drops and gel caplets available too! I love that you are connected with a dosage specialist to help you along the way! Use code cobaltchronicles for 15% off your first order!

Daily Harvest // Use code COBALT for $25 off your first order!

Weekend Plans

We’ve been using our neighbor’s grill the past few weekends as she was quarantining elsewhere, but she’s back, so we thought we might as well invest in our own! We bought this one. It arrived in three days, which made me so happy! Just in time to grill out again this weekend! I actually owned this same grill back when I lived in Birmingham (before DC). It works really well, is great for small spaces, and it’s relatively inexpensive!

Along with grilling, Michael and I chatted about going on a hike if we can find a spot that won’t be super crowded … TBD.

My Favorite Things this Week

A few of my favorite things this week …

Aerosoles Sandals // Y’ALL I’ve been sleeping on Aerosoles! I’m working on an upcoming partnership with them, but before I even agreed to the collaboration, I obviously wanted to check out their shoes. They are SO CUTE! I’ve been wearing this pair all week! And the leopard sandals in the photo at the top of the post are Aerosoles too!

Beautycoutner Resurfacing Peel // One of my holy grail Beautycounter products. I use this product 1 to 2 times a week. I used it this week and saw a noticeable difference in my skin the next morning! It does such a great job of getting rid of dead skin and overall brightening. It’s a gentle peel that you can apply after cleansing your face at night. Leave it on overnight and wash your face in the morning. The bottle lasts forever! You only need 2-3 pumps of the product for each use.

Have a nice weekend!


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