March Recap, Look Ahead to April

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March Review | Cobalt Chronicles | Houston Style Blogger

Everlane Cashmere Sweater (old, similar 25% off!) | Everlane Leggings 25% Off! (wearing Ankle, Small) | Golden Goose Sneakers (TTS, normally size 7, wear 37 in GG)

Wow, what a month! It feels weird to look back at my January and February monthly recaps. In January we all shared the sentiment that the month lasted forever … little did we know March would feel even longer, by a LONG shot! And in February I was wishing the cold weather away and looking forward to a spring arriving in March.

I feel like March was divided into two parts, the first week, where I was living in pre-Covid-19 bliss. And then the last three weeks, which have been a roller coaster of emotions throughout each individual day. One moment I’m bouncing along through my normal(ish) daily routine, the next I’ll read something on Twitter and have an internal panic attack, while the next I’ll be thankful that this weird time has brought more FaceTime calls with friends and family into my life! Sheesh.

I know each day is challenging in its own way for each one of us. And it’s certainly not lost on me how privileged and fortunate I am. I have a house to shelter in place, I have a husband to spend time with, I have a job that I’m able to keep working. And I have my health. Before this turns into a completely Coronavirus-related post, I just wanted wrap this up by saying THANK YOU to all of the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, aids, cleaning crews, and all of the other folks working shifts at the hospitals around the country right now. Also a huge thank you to the grocery store and pharmacy staff and to the delivery folks!

Taking a sharp left turn, on a lighter note, one of my favorite places to shop online and in-store (although the NYC and SF locations are currently closed), Everlane, is offering 25% off sitewide for the first time ever. If you’re familiar with Everlane they actually never run sales. But anything goes these days. Everlane’s pieces are high quality and some of my favorites in my closet! A few noteworthy pieces I have and love: High Rise Skinny Jeans, Perform Leggings (shown above), ReNew Sweatshirt, Pocket Tee (only $13!), Crossover Sandals, Day Market Tote (wishlist!) Shop the sale!

Also, it’s the last day of the 10% off sitewide Beautycounter sale! There’s no better time for a little self care! Check out my Beautycounter favorites, including makeup, skincare, and body care products, here!

Let’s take a look back at March and chat about a few lighter topics: the blog posts you loved, the items you clicked on the most, and more! If you’re interested in past Monthly Recaps, you can check them out here!


New Orleans | Cobalt Chronicles

Amazon Wrap Coat (wearing XS) | Cami NYC Lace Cami | Levi’s Jeans | Everlane Boots (25% off!) | Amazon Sunglasses |Kendra Scott Gold Hoops

Well we all know this will be a short recap for the month … Before Coronavirus took over, Michael and I made a trip to New Orleans. This was before there was any word of Covid-19 being what it is today. There were actually 0 known cases of Coronavirus in Louisiana at the time we visited. It has now been 3+ weeks since we visited.

With that said, we had a blast while we were in New Orleans! It was the first time we had visited NOLA in a long time with no set plans. We hung out with friends, went to a few new-to-us bars, and ate at a couple of delicious restaurants!

Thinking of New Orleans – can’t wait to plan another trip once we’re through all of this!


Wellness is always something I’m working on and these posts are an easy way to not only keep myself accountable, but hopefully a place to share a bit of inspiration and a dose of reality as well.

And what better time to practice wellness!

Quay Sunglasses | Onzie Tank | Lululemon Align Biker Shorts | Nike Joyride Sneakers On Sale! (I went one size up)

My wellness practices over the past few weeks have included sticking with a daily workout routine – Michael and I have improvised and have been doing at-home workouts in our empty dining room (knew that room would come in handy at some point!). I’ve been saving our workouts to a highlight on my Instagram page if you’re looking for some inspiration. We’ve also been doing free YogaWorks yoga classes and free online Orange Theory classes too!

We’ve also been going on daily walks. On the weekends, we’ve been going for longer walks and spending as much time as possible outside on our deck.

In addition to keeping up with workouts, moving on a daily basis, and prioritizing getting fresh air as much as possible, I’ve made my skincare routine a priority too. Might as well use all of these makeup free days to our advantage! My morning skincare routine includes these three products: Vitamin C Serum, Eye Cream, Tinted Matte SPF.

And on another wellness note, I shared a few wellness-related blog posts this month that are definitely worth a read!

Most Read Blog Posts

Small Businesses to Support from Your Couch | Cobalt Chronicles

Original Post Here

I always find it interesting to see what you’re enjoying reading the most! Here are the most read blog posts from the month!

  1. Rosemary Beach Travel Guide for Couples
  2. Amazon Home Essentials
  3. Why I’m Practicing Social Distancing and Social Isolation
  4. Small Businesses You Can Support from Your Couch!
  5. Easy Chicken Enchilada Recipe

Most Clicked Items

Along with the most read blog posts of the month, I also wanted to share the most clicked items as well! This helps me to know what y’all are shopping for and what items are catching your attention the most! 

  1. Madewell Noelle Slingback Sandal
  2. J.Crew Twisted Knot Sandal
  3. Everlane Perform Legging (25% off!)
  4. Lululemon Wunder Under Legging
  5. Abercrombie Smocked Jumpsuit (30% off!)

A Look Ahead to April

With the new federal guidelines extending social distancing guidelines and practices through April 30th, it looks like I’ll be continuing to spend a lot of time at home! Let’s connect on Instagram!

Sending all the positive vibes your way! Stay healthy and safe.


  1. Dana Mannarino wrote:

    Yes, yes and yes. Whenever I’m feeling down or anxious about what’s going on, I just think about the positive things like you – a place to be, someone to be with, and a job to do.

    I know I’ve said this…but I’ve been LOVING your content during this time. You make it seem easy! I know there are good and bad days, but I definitely love seeing your stories and your content — so keep it up girlfriend!!!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    Posted 4.1.20
    • Ashlee wrote:

      Thank you so much for this comment! Really means a lot. Michael and I have found a little routine that is working for us. I know everyone is doing their best during this uncertain time. Sending positive vibes your way friend!

      Posted 4.2.20

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