July Recap, Look Ahead to August

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ASOS Leopard Dress (wearing small) | Madewell Sandals (TTS) | Kendra Scott Heart Necklace | Gorjana Sunburst Necklace | Amazon Rainbow Bracelets (set of 3 for $17)

I know I’ve said this same thing essentially every month since quarantine started back in March, but where has the time gone?! I cannot believe it’ll be August 1st on Saturday. While part of me feels like we were living our normal lives ages ago, part of me also feels like spring and summer just passed us all by while we were hunkered down at home.

If you’ve been around here anytime prior to March, you know that Michael and I love to travel. We obviously haven’t gone anywhere since early March besides home to visit our families. But we booked a weekend getaway in a couple of weeks that’s a short 2-hour drive from Houston. I’m excited for a change of scenery and to feel some sense of normalcy (even though we’ll of course be taking all of the necessary precautions while we’re there).

Before I get too far ahead into August, let’s jump into the July recap and chat about the blog posts you loved, the items you clicked on the most, and more! If you’re interested in past Monthly Recaps, you can check them out here!

Travel Recap

Amazon Dress (wearing small) | Amazon Sunglasses | Amazon Earrings | Kendra Scott Heart Necklace

Michael and I visited both of our families this month. My family lives in Shreveport (North Louisiana) and Michael’s family lives in Baton Rouge (South Louisiana). Both drives are under five hours, so they’re pretty manageable. It was nice to get out of Houston two weekends this month! We mainly hung out outside and mixed in cooking at home and picking up takeout.

We cancelled our annual family beach trip to Destin, FL, which was supposed to happen this week. It’s my favorite trip of the year every year, and I honestly can’t remember a summer when we didn’t go. I’m hoping we can squeeze in a fall beach trip at some point, but of course, we’ll be playing it by ear. I’m looking forward to Michael and I’s weekend getaway to Texas Hill Country in a few weeks to semi-makeup for it.

Wellness this Month

Beautycounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

ASOS Leopard Dress (wearing small) | Amazon Rainbow Bracelets (set of 3 for $17) | Kendra Scott Heart Necklace | Gorjana Sunburst Necklace | Beautycounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

This month, I shared a handful of clean living blog posts and shared my easy, clean everyday makeup routine on IGTV too using the Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation seen above. You can check out the video here! Links to all of the products + application tools are in the video – simply click the carrot in the upper righthand corner if you’re viewing on mobile and all of the links will drop down.

I updated my Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products post this month with a few new items I’ve been using around our house. They’re great replacements for harsh, chemical-laden cleaners like Lysol and Clorox. The next items I’m looking to swap out in our home are all of my pots and pans. Did you know that non-stick cookware isn’t great for your health?! My friend Andrea has a great post on the topic here.

On the body movement piece of my wellness practice, lately Michael and I have been sticking to our morning at-home Orangetheory classes. Orangetheory is still putting out daily workouts on YouTube (free!). We’ve incorporated yoga in on Fridays via a new-to-me yoga YouTube channel (also free!). And on the weekends, I’m still getting in at least one long (one hour-ish) walk. I shared an entire post on our workouts and at home workout gear here: My At Home Workouts & At Home Workout Gear.

A couple of recent wellness-related posts:

Most Read Blog Posts

Healthy Weeknight Recipes | Cobalt Chronicles

I always find it interesting to see what you’re enjoying reading the most! Here are the most read blog posts from the month! I’m excited that y’all are excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

  1. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PREVIEW
  2. Favorite Healthy Weeknight Meals
  3. Recent Reads: 15 Book Recommendations!
  4. 12 Things I’m Packing for the Beach (tear)
  5. Amazon Favorites July 2020

Items You’re Loving the Most

Along with the most read blog posts of the month, I love seeing what you’re shopping! As a little behind the scenes, on the backend, I can see the most clicked on items out of the items I share. I love seeing what’s catching your eye!

  1. Abercrombie High Waisted Denim (TTS, on sale!)
  2. Ilia Limitless Mascara Duo Set (clean product!)
  3. Playa Pure Dry Shampoo (clean product!)
  4. Natural Straw Visor (LOVE THIS HAT!)
  5. Aerosoles Kinnelon Sandals (use code ASH30 for 30% OFF)

A Look Ahead to August

I’m looking forward to August! I’m excited about our weekend getaway. And I’m also looking forward to the return of more live sports! NBA and NHL this weekend + keeping my fingers crossed for football returning in September!

Cheers to a new month!


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